Sadie Robertson Performs Adam and Eve Story on Dancing with the Stars, Judges Love It (Week 8 Video)

( [email protected] ) Nov 04, 2014 12:59 PM EST
Sadie and Mark
Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas during this week's Adam and Eve performance on Dancing With The Stars. Photo: ABC

Sadie Robertson brought the book of Genesis to Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) during last night's performance in a rendition of the Adam and Eve story that wowed judges.

The Duck Dynasty star and her professional dancer partner, Mark Ballas, continued their tradition of performing well on the competitive TV show, but this is the first time that a story from the Bible was performed by the two.

"It's a pretty intense story," Robertson said during a video preview shown just before the dance itself. "It's about Eve falling short into sin, but then dragging Adam down with her. Because it's such an iconic story and it's a message from the Bible ... I do feel pressure to make it right and do the best that I can possibly do."

Sadie's Christian faith is no secret, and the 17-year-old TV star isn't ashamed to work her beliefs into her everyday life. The TV show itself features strong Christian values and a prayer finale at the end of every episode to show that the Robertson family is serious about their faith in God.

Last week's disappointingly low scores on the Halloween-themed performance led to boos from the audience, but this week was much different. "The judges didn't really like our dance," Sadie says of last week's performance. "But honestly, for me, I just thought it was one of our best dances so I wasn't too bummed out."

"I think it's really cool that we get to do a Biblical message to our dance," Robertson said of this week's dance. The pre-performance video shows the week's preparation for the big dance, including the dance partners hashing out what's appropriate and what's not appropriate in Sadie's eyes.

"Are you comfortable with that, if I do body paint and there's no shirt?" Ballas asked Sadie during the recap video. "Or does that make you nervous?"

"That makes me a little nervous, I'm not gonna lie," Robertson responded, but had a question of her own about a certain move. "So whenever we do the lift, do you have to put your hand on my butt?"

"Yes, I do," Ballas replied. "That's to assure your safety."

Ultimately, the judges loved the performance, detail, and even the message, allowing the couple to return for another performance next week. "Honestly, Sadie, there was a maturity there that was beyond anything that we've seen," judge Julianne Hough commented at the end. "So perfect for what you obviously portray."