Trans World Radio Launches “The Reality Zone”

“For young people by young people.”
( [email protected] ) Nov 25, 2003 11:06 AM EST

Trans World Radio released a program, entitled, “The Reality Zone” to tackle issues faced by youth worldwide. TRZ, which airs in more than 124 outlets, hopes to bring the gospel of Christ to areas where the church was unable to help.

"The issue-oriented format, it deals with topics such as sexuality, peer pressure, suicide, drug addiction, you name it, and it's just really engaging, hosted by young people. It's for young people by young people,” said TWR’s David McCreary.

However, according to McCreary, the program is unlike any other secular talk show. The Reality Zone views the issues at hand through the lens of the bible, driving the listeners closer to the scriptures.

"We get letters from listeners, we get phone calls, we get emails from young people saying, 'This is what I'm struggling with: I'm depressed, I have no hope, is God real?' So, that's what we offer them is real solutions to real problems."