Gospel For Asia Pastor is latest victim of Orissa's draconic anti-conversion laws

Pastor Chandra and 14 other missionaries face persecution in Orissa under its stringent laws...
( [email protected] ) Dec 05, 2003 10:14 AM EST

Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India., Dec. 2 - A great furore rose in the sleepy town of Orissa when Gospel For Asia native missionary Pastor Chandra was recently arrested by Orissa police on charges of baptizing five new believers.

Fourteen other missionaries there also face persecution and imprisonment under the Orissa government's draconic anti-conversion legislation, which requires permission from a local government official for anyone wanting to change his religion.

By God's grace, Pastor Chandra has planted two fellowships of believers in areas previously unreached with the Gospel. Let us all pray for this brave and faithful brother in Christ so that he emerges unscathed. Let us also remember 14 other missionaries in our prayers who are facing extreme hardship and enduring opposition as they spread the Gospel.