When Will 'The Big Bang Theory' Bid Farewell? Actress Carol Ann Susi Dies At 62

( [email protected] ) Nov 12, 2014 05:58 PM EST
The Big Bang Theory

There seems to be no stopping The Big Bang Theory, and since it was renewed for three seasons last spring, the big question is when will The Big Bang Theory go bust?  According to Nina Tassler, the CBS Entertainment Chairman, "The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy force on television".  The current plan is to go to Season 10, but after that, who knows?  Especially in the light of recent tragic events of the death of one of its cast. 

Sadly, the show has been hit with a tragic turn as Carol Ann Susi, who played Howard Wolowitz's mother, has recently passed away.  Her character Debbie Wolowitz was only briefly seen at Howard's weeding, but was usually a voice that was always yelling from offstage.  Susi's rep has described her death as the result of "aggressive" cancer, and it was "a brief battle". 

There has been no news about how The Big Bang Theory show will deal with her death.  Considering that Susi's character on the show was always a hysterical bonus on an already very funny series, it will probably be treated with respect.  Many television shows in the past have had cast members die and paid them a good tribute, like when Madeline Kahn died on Cosby and when John Ritter passed away during Season 2 of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.  Unfortunately, these shows didn't really last very long after the deaths of these actors. 

If there are plans for an episode where Howard has to mourn for his dead mother, it will definitely be a departure from the usual zany tone of the show.  Hopefully years from now, this won't be the time when The Big Bang Theory "jumped the shark", but the truth is that most shows do get old and even the funniest comedy shows usually grow stale after a while. 

Granted, that is a problem that is a few years into the future at the end of Season 10, but most of the number 1 rated comedy shows generally start to grow stale after just five years.  It is interesting how Seinfeld managed to go to 9 seasons and go out as still the number 1 show of its time.  Friends was also able to keep a steady audience after 10 years.  

However, The Big Bang Theory is one show that surprised many as it went into syndication.  The show premiered in 2007 and looked like it was a one-joke show as four intellectuals shared one apartment which was across the hall of a hot girl.  As the characters grew, it became very apparent that new television icons were born, specifically Sheldon Cooper, portrayed by Jim Parsons.  Unlike most shows that have lasted more than five years, audiences have embraced the newer characters like Bernadette, Amy, and Stuart, the comic-book shop owner.  These characters have changed and grown over the years, and it will be difficult to let them go as they have really been received into its audience's hearts. 

Some of the latest developments include Leonard and Penny getting back together, as well as Sheldon telling Amy that he loves her.  Season 8 plans for Penny to get really serious about her career, which will no doubt affect her relationship with Leonard.  There are plans that Raj and Emily will still be together, and Howard and Bernadette's relationship will be hopefully stronger. 

The Big Bang Theory is still on Thursdays at 8/7 on CBS.  Episodes can also be streamed on the CBS website