'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 6 Spoilers: Daryl And Carol Throw Body on Fire, Could it Be Beth Who Died?

( [email protected] ) Nov 13, 2014 01:57 PM EST
Walking Dead

A recent preview of "Consumed", Episode 6 of Season 5 of The Walking Dead  has sparked a lot of interest. The preview shows Daryl and Carol throwing a body on a fire. Some have conjectured that this body is Beth, the woman that Daryl seems to be getting very close with. 

Much of what is told about episode 5 is that Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier are going to some medical facility to rescue Beth.  Of course, since it is The Walking Dead, the place is full of walkers. 

Given this scenario, it would be very easy to assume that someone is going to be killed on the mission because The Walking Dead usually has its share of casualties.  Of course, no one dies on The Walking Dead, so any one who has been given a mortal wound would be placed on the fire so he or she would not come back.  It stands to reason that whoever Daryl is putting on the fire would be someone that he cared about, and this is about the equivalent of a burial in The Walking Dead universe. 

One of the biggest turn of events recently occurred on the show as the group realized that Eugene is lying about the reason he is going to Washington.  That is, Eugene is not this intelligent person that he claims, and that he essentially is leading the group on a wild goose chase to insure his own survival.  This led to Abraham punching Eugene unconscious. 

If you follow The Walking Dead comic, then you probably know what happens next. Granted, the comic and TV show do not line up, but there are a few story elements that have remained consistent.  For example, Rick and the group of survivors did settle down in a prison for a while in the comic, and the TV show went the same direction.  Eventually, the comic and the TV show lined up and Rick and his group were forced to flee the prison due to outside attacks.

In the graphic novel series, the plot twist with Eugene arose, but the team eventually made it to Washington.  They soon discovered that there was a city that was essentially a refuge from the walkers.  It was led by a man who seemed to have established a wall around a suburban neighborhood, and for a while, Rick's group settled there. 

It is possible that The Walking Dead Season 5 will have its finale as Rick and his group arrive in Washington to find this city of refuge.  It would certainly be a very hopeful end to the TV series, but the show's popularity and the continuing graphic novel series will not allow the show to end there. 

In the comic, Rick and his friends actually manage to settle in the walled city, and Michonne even mounts her sword on a mantle, intending to study zombie war no more.  Rick resumes his duty as a beat cop in the city, but a domestic violence case causes Rick to implement methods of justice he would not have even considered before the undead outbreak.  Perhaps the life in this town would make an excellent storyline for the entirety of The Walking Dead, Season 6. 

This part of the comic ended with walkers invading the town, and forcing them out.  This would be a good end to Season 6.  The life in the walled city was an interesting step for the group as they began to realize that it won't be easy to settle anywhere since this horrendous Walking Dead event has occurred.  It is reminiscent of how war veterans have a hard time adjusting to civilian life after going through the fires of war. 

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