Christians in Tamil Nadu attacked viciously

The Hindu extremists were on a rampage and beat up the Christians...
( [email protected] ) Dec 09, 2003 09:48 AM EST

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India., Dec. 9 - A group of Christian workers bore the brunt of the fury of Hindu extremists as they were attacked brutally after a prayer meeting. Incidentally, Tamil Nadu was the first state to enact the draconic anti-conversion laws in India.

According to news report, all of a sudden, Hindu fanatics barged into the house in which the prayer meeting was being held and started viciously beating the Christians. They also threw bottles and stones at the house and smashed vehicles parked near the house.

Later, when the police arrived to calm down the situation, the culprits fled away and remained untraceable. However, learning that the police were on their lookout, they surrendered in court and procured anticipatory bail.