“Great Thanksgiving Day Banquet” to Serve Thousands

( [email protected] ) Nov 27, 2003 10:48 AM EST

USA – The Mel Trotter Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan will hold a “Great Thanksgiving Day Banquet” for thousands, today.

Dozens of volunteers came out to help with the preparation, not only for physical food, but for spiritual bread as well.

As great as this free gift of the turkey and food is, there's a greater free gift that we're telling people about and that's about the love of Christ and that He died for their sins and there's a Savior,” said volunteer Doug Wood.

"With Christmas coming up, we want to remind people the Savior's coming. That's what Christmas is. The baby Jesus is born,” continued Wood.

"I feel that it's a gift for me to come and help others that's in need today. I thank God that I'm able to come down and help today,” Tanisha McClydn, another volunteer for the ministry.

The ministry has carried out the Thanksgiving tradition for years, serving a complete holiday meal for families suffering hard times as well as homeless men and women. People are also given a copy of the scriptures as they leave the banquet.