Middle East Relief: Christian Ministry's Deployments and Aid Impacting Iraq for Christ

Dec 05, 2014 07:58 PM EST
As winter sets in, continued Christian ministry support urgently needed in Iraq

"God is moving in Iraq and people are hungry for truth. CRI continues to have favor with the local authorities, allowing us to minister to Kurdish soldiers on the front lines as they fight ISIS. We provided medical clinics and care packages, which included digital Bibles," said Sean Malone, Director of Crisis Response International (www.criout.com). Crisis Response International is a global missions organization bringing the Gospel and meeting basic needs in crises around the world.

CRI has been on the ground in Iraq for nearly a year now meeting the spiritual and practical needs of displaced Syrian refugees and other minorities fleeing the crush of militant Islam being carried out by ISIS extremists.

Based in Nashville, TN with training locations around the country, CRI has trained thousands of missionaries with essential skills to reach those impacted by crisis and disaster. But the work is far from over, says Malone,

Currently in Iraq doors of ministry continue to open for the ministry. "Our teams have been given access by helicopter to bring aid and minister to remote groups of Yazidis. We have water filtration units en route to bring in clean water for the refugees, as well as $10K worth of heaters. We are also working on a project to ship 28 prefabricated houses and one container load of food and blankets."

Yet, despite the open doors urgent aid is needed now perhaps more than ever as winter begins to set in. The ministry is looking to their friends and partners in the U.S. to continue sending aid and the love of God.

"As winter approaches, we know the situation for refugees will worsen. We need churches and ministries to sponsor container loads of blankets, kerosene heaters, food, Bibles, houses and additional medical resources," explained Malone.

In less than a year on the ground in Iraq, the ministry has seen tremendous impact including providing the poor of Iraq with over 14,000 articles of clothing, 5,412 meals, 33,983 medical items, and over 2,000 hygiene items.

CRI team members have integrated with and gained favor with local government in bringing aid and the gospel to unreached people groups across Kurdistan, Iraq. CRI personnel were recently dropped in by military helicopter to bring in much needed food, shelter and medical aid to the Yazidis still trapped on Mt. Sinjar. It was believed that all the Yazidis had been evacuated, but due to the political and security instability in the area, over 8,000 remain.

"Despite taking matching gun fire and mortar rounds, our teams were able to get limited aid to these

desperate refugees. We are believing for continued resources and favor to get help to this precious

people group. It is believed that missionaries have never set foot in this area before."