'Duck Dynasty' John Luke Robertson's Wedding Date: Fiance Mary Kate McEacharn Shares Love Story

( [email protected] ) Dec 11, 2014 12:24 PM EST
John Luke Robertson and Fiance Mark Kate
McEacharn, 18, became engaged to Willie and Korie Robertson’s son, 19, on October 11 – his birthday. (Twitter)

Mary Kate McEacharn, the fiance of "Duck Dynasty" star John Luke Robertson, recently shared a sweet blog post on how she found love with her fiancé and shared the upcoming wedding date.

McEacharn, 18, became engaged to Willie and Korie Robertson's son, 19, on October 11 - his birthday. She detailed the surprise proposal on her fiancé's "Young and Beardless" blog.

"I arrived early at his home so we could ride together to his party and also so he could open his presents from me," she explained on Monday. "Sitting on the table was a photo album he had made completely full of pictures of us... from when we first met at King's Camp to the previous weekend when we went to a festival in Austin.

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"I finally came to the last page as he leaned over to 'put his shoes on.' There was a handwritten note stuck on the page and as I read it, it finally struck me what was going on.

"(John Luke actually found a ring I had pinned on pinterest and took it to his cousin who is a jewelry-maker...together they went by that and designed a one-of-a-kind ring).

"I looked up to find him on one knee, holding the rinJohn Luke Robertson and Fiancée Mary Kate McEacharn Wedding Date and Wedding Registry Revealedg out, and he said 'Mary Kate McEacharn, will you marry me?' Despite my shock, I managed to say yes...and then say it again about twenty more times to get my point across!"

The young couple, who have previously said that "God directs" their relationship, was joined by their family and friends--including the whole "Duck" clan--for a celebration.

Although both Robertson and McEacharn's families are excited about the marriage, many have said that the young couple are too young to make such a serious commitment.

While the Robertson and McEacharn families are joyous about the union, the couple has been criticised online for deciding to marry at a young age. McEacharn said that she and John Luke will "grow up" together.

"With God as our leader, we know that we can make it," she wrote. "A lasting marriage doesn't depend on your age, it depends on your love for God and your love for each other, and your willingness to make it work.

"I honestly could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with John Luke Robertson."

In concluding the blog, the soon-to-be bride hinted at the wedding date.

"Being engaged has been awesome and we are counting down the days until the wedding in June," she wrote.