'Duck Dynasty's Phil and Kay Robertson, and Son Alan Pay Visit to Billy Graham Library

( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2014 08:30 PM EST
Duck Dynasty at BGEA Library
Phil and Kay Robertson signed copies of their books ''UnPHILtered'' and ''Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen'' Dec. 11 at the Billy Graham Library. (Photo: BGEA)

Phil and Kay Robertson paid a visit to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C. on Thursday, drawing hundreds of people there.

According to Trevor Freeze of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, hundreds of fans waited in a queue to meet the Robertsons, the subject of a popular A&E reality television series Duck Dynasty. Kay and Phil were in the library to sign copies of their newest books unPHILtered and Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen.

"We've been looking forward to this for some time," said Franklin Graham, who introduced the couple. "It's an honor to have Phil and Kay Robertson here today at the Billy Graham Library along with their son Alan."

Duck Dynasty Phil and Kay at Billy Graham Library
Franklin Graham introduced Phil and Kay. The Robertson family has been very supportive of the Samaritan's Purse project Operation Heal Our Patriots. (Photo: BGEA)

Alan Robertson had the same feeling meeting Graham and the fans.

"We're honored to be here at the Billy Graham Library," said Alan, the beardless Robertson. "We share the same values and we want to reach people for Christ."

Freeze noted that more than 600 people stood in line for hours. The queue went through the library and extended far out the door to the parking lot.

Duck Dynasty at BGEA Library
Many waited in line for hours at the Billy Graham Library to meet Phil and Kay Robertson. (Photo: BGEA)

Duck Dynasty fan Hailey Kemper, 32, of North Carolina loved how the Robertsons stood up for Christian values on American television.

"They stand for what they believe and they're not concerned about backlash or criticism," Kemper said. "They fight for the right to be able to say Christ's name on TV. I love that part."

Duck Dynasty Phil and Kay at Billy Graham Library
Phil Robertson signs his book on Thursday at the Billy Graham Library. (Photo: BGEA)
Duck Dynasty Phil and Kay at Billy Graham Library
The personable Kay Robertson signs her cookbook for fans, whose belief in the authenticity of the ''Duck Dynasty'' family was reinforced. (Photo: BGEA)

Kemper added that she liked the show's focus on "traditional values" and the fact she doesn't "have to worry about what's going to show up on my TV when my kids are around." Kemper's 17-year-old sister, Madison Mauney, echoed the same sentiments.

"I like that it's funny and that they're Christians," Mauney said. "But they're not on there being preachy. They're not trying to shove it down your throat."

Alan credited their adherence to traditional values to his parents' steadfast faith in Christ, according to Freeze.

"We all still go to the same church in West Monroe (Louisiana)," Alan said. "The Robertsons are all about faith, family and ducks."

Alan added that the family's "focus is still on the true meaning of Christmas," mentioning that based on his father's upbringing, a good Christmas may have included gifts of "nuts and berries and maybe a few oranges."

Callie Idol managed to capture a "selfie" with the TV stars. Freeze commented that along with her sister Maggie, 19, they loved how the Robertsons handled fame in a "normal," down-to-earth manner.

"I love how they pray at the end and how they're not ashamed to share their Christian beliefs," Maggie said.

Duck Dynasty Phil and Kay at Billy Graham Library
Hundreds packed the Billy Graham Library, with hundreds more waiting outside, as Phil and Kay Robertson signed autographs at the Billy Graham Library. The Robertsons signed over 1,000 books on Thursday. (Photo: BGEA)

Freeze mentioned that the Robertsons signed over 1,000 books on Thursday at the Billy Graham Library. Despite the crowds, Jay and Gaye Hanna wanted to talk with the Robertsons a little longer.

"I don't want to leave," Gaye said. "Can we go through the line again?"

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