Thousands receive salvation in massive church-planting

In this Hindu state, World Help witnessed 40,000 former Hindus singing and praying to Jesus...
( [email protected] ) Dec 19, 2003 10:48 AM EST

Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India., Dec. 19 - God is weaving miracles as never before in North India. A World Help team visited Allahabad, the holiest city in Hinduism, where just two years ago, 60 million Hindus gathered at the holy river Ganges. In this very city, World Help's Vernon Brewer witnessed over 40,000 former Hindus singing, praying and responding to the Gospel of Jesus.

"We worshiped with them and prayed with the leadership of this incredible movement of God. Only five years ago, this event, called the Jesu Darbar, attracted less than 500 people. Its leader told me that every week thousands more come asking only to meet Jesus," said Brewer.

World Help's ministry partners in North India are literally riding the wave of this divine work of God's Spirit. They have an exciting and strategic plan to reach 175 million lost Indians with the Gospel in India's largest state. Brewer says, "They're going two-by-two into the unreached villages of Uttar Pradesh, a state of 175-million people, and they're going to these 100,000 unreached villages. Their vision and their goal is to see 1-million house churches planted in the next five years."

World Help partners approach has already resulted in the planting of over 5,000 new house churches.

"We are praying that God will allow us to help them fulfill this God-sized vision," Brewer said.

In Varanasi, World Help partners took team members or a prayer trip on the Ganges River. Thousands of Indians were bathing in the polluted waters of Hinduism's holiest river in a vain attempt to wash away their sins. The temples lining the river were full of lost men and women searching for salvation. Many team members wept for them and prayed for them as our boats traveled past the cremation piers and Hindu shrines.

Throughout northern India, Word Help team members had opportunity after opportunity to share the light of the Gospel in leadership conferences, a training center dedication, children's homes, a leper colony and in local churches. "I will never forget sharing the Lord's Supper during a training conference for village church planters near Varanasi. World Help sat in circles on the floor, Indians and Americans together, and prayed for each other and the unreached millions of India. It was an incredible experience of Christian fellowship and worship with our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ," said one World Help member.