Western Believers see new hope open in Christian mission in India

Western missionaries see new horizon of hope as Indian villages open their heart to the Gospel
( [email protected] ) Dec 23, 2003 08:59 AM EST

New Delhi, India., Dec. 21 - A new hope of mission opportunity opens a new passage to India for Global Missions Fellowship.

GMF's Dan Hitzhusen (HEIGHTS-hue-zen) says when they take a short term team in, word spreads. That can result in an impromptu evangelistic meeting. "A chief who was having a wedding for his son, stopped the wedding, and because there was an American there, allowed the American to preach the Gospel. Many people professed faith in Christ. In that particular situation, the chief set up a piece of land for the new church to get started, and to start to build a building on."

Hitzhusen explains the impact of the encouragement that mission teams from the West have on the indigenous church. "They're very fervent Christians. They're suffering incredible persecution, but because they're from a lower caste, they're not given any kind of entree into whole villages. So, when an American shows up, from the upper caste of the world, whole villages open up, and people come to know Christ."

What's even more exciting is that GMF trips don't just see people saved, but whole churches planted, so that the work continues for months and years after a trip is completed.

Lord-willing, in all of the 17 GMF mission campaigns to India next year, each American will go to one individual village that needs Christ, and spend the whole week sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard, and possibly never would otherwise.

In many of those villages, hearts prepared to hear will accept the message of the Gospel, and churches will be started. Then the new disciples in India will learn God's word and carry on the work of church-planting in other villages so remote that for people living in them, contact with the outside world is rare.