Air Jordan 11 and the Legend Blue Release Date and Price

( [email protected] ) Dec 22, 2014 03:42 PM EST
The Legend Blues Air Jordan XI
Good luck getting a pair of these for a low price. Photo:

For those not familiar with the Air Jordan XI legacy, Sneaker News had a lot to say about the Air Jordan XI tag.  The Air Jordan XI was originally released in 1995, and designed by Tinker Hatfield.  It was the first Nike/Air Jordan basketball sneaker to user patent leather and carbon fiber, and considered to be one of the greatest sneakers of all time by collectors and fans.  A new Air Jordan XI has been released every December since 2008, and it is easily the most coveted shoe of the year.  Obtaining a pair of these sneakers can be a hard find, and it can also be an expensive endeavor as well. 

According to Sole Collector, the release of the year's Air Jordan XI is such a huge hit that its release date was moved to Saturday to prevent kids from cutting school to purchase them.  Nike knew that these Legend Blue 11 shoes were such a high commodity that they dropped off all their other shoes on December 19th, practically devoting the 20th to the delivery of this shoe. 

One of the most coveted styles of the Air Jordan 11 shoes is the Legend Blue 11, an updated version of the Columbia 11s. The Legend Blues arrived on on December 20th at 8 A.M.  If you want to purchase a pair on eBay, then you'll probably need to pay around $200. 

The Legend Blues Air Jordan XI

The $200 is about a minimum price, as going on shoe sales sites like Flight Club, the world's number one sneaker market, will reveal all kinds of Air Jordan 11 shoes of different colors and styles.  Their Legend Blue costs about $300, and some versions of the Air Jordan 11 go as high as $550. 

The 1995 release of the Air Jordan XI gave consumers two colorways of a low-cut version known as the IE, which featured an entirely different silhouette than Michael Jordan's typical slam dunk.  In 2000, the IE returned for a retro run, along with high-tops in both new and OG colorways, lowtops with patent leather and snake skin and women's editions. The original low-top "IE" version returned in 2003, and then there was another 2006 special edition with the world's first two-shoe pack from the "Defining Moments" series.  When the Air Jordan XI was represented in the final "Countdown" Package in 2008, this began the holiday releases.  In 2010, there was the highly coveted 25th Anniversary of Air Jordan editions.