The Gospel for China: Conference 2003

Sponsored by Christian Life Press, Inc.
( [email protected] ) Dec 30, 2003 02:17 AM EST

From December 31, 1999 to January 4, 2000, Christian Life Press, Inc. sponsored the “Overseas Chinese Christians’ Conference At the Turn of the Century” (OCCC) in Chicago, Illinois. It was an historical event on the turn of the millenium. 1551 participants from 35 states and 10 other countries gathered, moving into the new millennium with worshipping God, praying to Him, listening to the Word, and responding to His calling.

The theme of the conference was “The Cross and The Mission in the 21st Century.” The cross of Jesus Christ was exalted and deeply engraved in the hearts of the participants. Eagerness to fulfill the Great Commission in China was stirred to a flame. By the end of the conference, 45 seekers accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, 187 brothers and sisters offered their lives to be a living sacrifice to the Lord, 42 indicated their willingness to go back to China and share the gospel among their fellow countrymen, and 181 said that they would serve in their churches more actively, root their lives in the Word, and live the Word out in their lives.

“ When will the next conference be?” many brothers and sisters eagerly asked. Three years have passed, and the time has now come.

The Gospel for China: Conference 2003

1. Time and Place: December 26 – 30, 2003, Holiday Inn O’Hare International, 5440 North River Road, Rosemont, Illinois 60018.

2. Language: Mandarin with English and Cantonese interpretation.

3. Sponsor: Christian Life Press, Inc., the publisher of Christian Life Quarterly -- a discipleship magazine started by and designed for PRCs and widely distributed among Chinese Christians in China.

4. Attendees: We are expecting about 1,500 Christians who are willing to experience a spiritual revival. No matter what language you speak or which country you are from, as long as you have a burden for China, this conference is for you.

5. Theme – Jesus Christ and Him Crucified – an extension and continuance of the cross-centered theme of OCCCC, “Gospel for China: Conference 2003” will focus on:

A. Returning to the complete fundamental gospel truth centered on the cross.

B. Recognizing the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in the churches today.

C. Striving for the abundant life sealed and empowered by the cross.

D. Stimulating a profound and unceasing passion for the Great Commission.

6. Keynote Speakers – Samuel Lam and Joseph Li, living testimonies of God’s power and glory in the church of China for the last half-century. This will be the first and possibly the only time these two top leaders of the House Church will be in the US to speak.

A. Mr. Samuel Lam was a Moody correspondent student in the 1940’s. He has dedicated himself as a living sacrifice and has since been confined in prison for more than 20 years for the sake of the gospel. He was released in 1978 and immediately started a house church from a 4-person “English study group”. Today about 7000 people worship at his house church every week. His church serves as a resource to support and help many other house churches in China.

B. Mr. Joseph Li has been arrested four times for the name of our Lord Jesus during his 55 years ministry. In 1973 he was arrested and sentenced to death, his only “crime” being the spreading of the Gospel and leading thousands of people to Christ. God miraculously saved his life and continually blessed his ministry, through which thousands upon thousands of people were converted to Christ, causing house churches to spring up like mushrooms. Now he is traveling and edifying the House Churches throughout the country.

7. Features:

A. December 26 – Overnight Prayer Rally launching the Conference.

B. December 27 – Night of Repentance.

C. December 28 – Night of Revival.

D. December 29 – Night of Mission.

E. 24-Hour-Prayer-Network covering the whole conference.

F. Powerful messages by top leaders of China’s House Church.

G. 40 workshops by respected and accepted speakers covering the most significant issues about biblical truth, field ministry, spiritual growth, and missions. It will be easy to find a topic that is right for you.

H. Personal Testimonies by “celebrity” Christians – Ms. Hong Gao (GK of Chinese Women Soccer Team) and Ms. Bin Huang (world famous violinist).

I. Eye-opening and convincing evangelistic messages for seeks.

J. Dynamic and practical youth program.

K. Magnificent Conference Choir made up of 100 attendees.