Nike LeBron James 12 and Nike Kobe 9 Release dates and Prices

( [email protected] ) Dec 24, 2014 02:20 PM EST
This is LeBron James wearing Kobe 9 shoes
LeBron James wearing Kobe 9 shoes? What is next? Photo: Dave McMenamin/Twitter

For those sneaker collectors who long for the release of the Michael Jordan Air XI shoes, there are other shoes that are highly coveted, like the Nike LeBron James 12, as well as the Kobe 9. 

According to Kicks on Fire, The Nike LeBron collection has provided top of the line basketball sneakers for over a decade.  Unlike the Air XI series, which have one dominant color, the LeBron series is known for its distinctly colorful look, making them stand out.  The sole of the shoe is particularly colorful with individual spots known as Nike Air Zoom Units. 

The current model is the Nike Lebron 12, and they each feature a zig-zag look to them from the side.  This year's releases include Heart of a Lion (red and black, released on October 30th), Dunk Force (black, gray, and green, released on November  11th), Instinct (purple with orange, released on November 22nd), NSRL (gray with turquoise, released November 28th), Six Meridians (orange with yellow, released November 29th), Data (black with orange, released December 20th), and Trillion Dollar Man (silver with orange and green, to be released on December 30th).  These shoes can be purchased on the Nike Store website for about $200.00 a pair. 

The Kobe 9 is Kobe Bryant's ninth signature shoe with Nike, according to Sneaker News.  These sneakers were first unveiled officially at a Nike event at the MOCA in Los Angeles on December 4th.  Like the LeBron James 12, the Kobe 9 is incredibly colorful. 

The Kobe 9 can be found on the Nike Store website, with the basic model available in 5 colors for about $160 a pair.  The Kobe 9 Premium is available in 3 colors for $170, and the Kobe 9 Elite (high top version of the Kobe 9) is also available in 3 colors, at $225.  For those that want to customize their Kobe 9, the NikeID is available on the Kobe 9 iD series for $205 and the Elite Low for $245. 

Unlike the LeBron James 12, in which all versions will be out by the end of the year, the Kobe 9 has some versions that won't be released until next year.  Sneaker News reports a "Villain Red" release on January 3rd, 2015, as well as an interesting mash-up known as What the Kobe 9 for January 10th, 2015. 

Sneakers News also reports something very unusual in relation to both of these shoes.  At a recent shoot-around , Lebron James is spotted wearing Kobe 9 shoes.  Talk about a Nike crossover!