Infiniti Concept Vision GT Car For Gran Turismo 6 Could Be Made Real

( [email protected] ) Dec 29, 2014 03:16 PM EST
Infiniti Concept Vision GT
It exists in Gran Turismo 6, but in real life...coming soon? Photo:

A lot of car companies have concept cars that they often don't even release, and Infiniti has the Concept Vision Gran Turismo. This sleek and futuristic car debuted on Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo racing franchise, and is available for download today. This video game car may soon become an actual car very soon.

This Infiniti Concept Gran Turismo is part of the Vision Gran Turismo. According to the Gran Turismo website, "Vision Gran Turismo is a 15th anniversary festival that will be hosted by automotive manufacturers, Gran Turismo, and users around the globe. The cars delivered will appear one after another in Gran Turismo 6, and as everyone drives these cars, the ring of the festival will continue to grow. "

Gizmag states that Infiniti had an internal design competition that challenged designers to bring to life a vision of a "pure Infiniti GT car", and the Beijing team created the winner with a car that is "part beauty, part beast".

The Vision GT has a front-mounted 4.5-liter V8 to drive the rear wheels via rear transaxle, with a single electric motor that boosts torque at low speeds. According to TechEBlog, it also has under-floor airflow control, front/rear diffusers, rear spoiler, and front mid-ship/trans-axle powertrain for optimal weight distribution of 45:55 front/rear. The Vision GT is very similar to the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo that was unveiled by Nissan at the Goodwood Festival of Sped last June. Gizmag reports that both of these concept cars have sub-headlamp air scoops, curvy front fenders, and three-dimensional aero-carved sides. There are differences as The Infiniti GT has a large cavernous diffuser while Nissan has a raw, race car-style backside.

Infiniti describes the Vision GT as a "vision of what a high performance Infiniti could look like in the future". It is possible that some of the aspects of the Concept Vision GT could show up in a rumored flagship sports car. It has been long rumored that Infiniti is working on some kind of supercar to be launched in 2017 or 2018, and it could have an F1-derived, V6-based hybrid system.

Just to let you know, the Vision GT does not just exist in pixel form. The Verge reports that Infiniti's parent company Nissan has built a live version of its own Vision GT car earlier this year, but it is not known if Infiniti is planning on doing the same thing. For now, you can download the Vision GT for Gran Turismo 6, a racing game franchise that celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

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