Christmas Eve arrest in China

( [email protected] ) Dec 30, 2003 06:54 PM EST

On Christmas Eve, approximately 12:30 pm Beijing Time, five policemen from PSB Office of Fengqiu county of Henan province raided a house church.

According to a reliable source of CAA, about 100 church believers were holding a special gathering celebrating Christmas when the meeting was forced to dissolve by the police enforcing laws prohibiting underground religious assemblies.

The believers were exhorted to limit Christmas activities to local patriotic churches and to immediately cease any private religious activities or face punitive measures.

The leader of the house church, 60 year old Mr. Li Shansong was taken away was taken away at the scene and his whereabouts remain unknown.. Mr. Li had started the house church four years ago.

A CAA source in Shandong province was informed that a provincial meeting was recently held at Weifang city by Provincial PSB and Religious Affairs offices. The meeting called all the law enforcement officials along with religious affairs leaders to carry out a special campaign to seize all Christian gathering sites and to confiscate and destroy all Christian materials brought into China from overseas.

Local Chinese Christians sought prayers to pity and revive Chinese Christians.