'Soul Surfer' Bethany Hamilton Talks about ‘The Amazing Race’ and Her Next Project

( [email protected] ) Dec 31, 2014 01:54 AM EST
Bethany Hamilton
"Soul Surfer" Bethany Hamilton (Photo: Facebook)

Bethany Hamilton, the "Soul Surfer" who bounced back from a tiger shark attack back in 2003 and continued surfing the waves, recently completed "The Amazing Race" with her husband, Adam Dirks.

According to Joyce Eng of TV Guide, the mistake that Hamilton and Dirks made in the final leg of the show could have been related to selecting who would do the Roadblocks. The surfers ended up in third place.

"When we got to the last challenge, it said whoever didn't do the first [Roadblock] had to do the second one and I read what it was, my heart dropped," Bethany said. "Adam is so much better at the memory stuff than I am."

Eng noted that completing the race "was a victory in and of itself - and not just because Bethany has one arm." Hamilton elaborated on how she and Dirks ran the worldwide race.

"I think going into it, we were like, 'Let's not come in last,'" Hamilton said. "But we knew we had the ability to get to the finals and possibly win. You take it one leg at a time. I think not getting ahead of ourselves helped us."

Hamilton noted that it was an "incredible" experience to travel around the world and said that "third place isn't so bad." She explained how the couple kept going in the race.

"We really didn't fight at all," Hamilton said in regards to the task in Malta where she dropped glasses. "I think we knew it would be really stressful and there would be situations where they would make us want to fight. But we kept in mind that it's just a race. We didn't want the race to come between us."

Hamilton added that the couple was "proud of how we handled it from start to finish," noting that as a team, "we supported each other the same we do in real life."

"I knew Bethany wouldn't give up and she got it done," Dirks said in reference to the difficulty of the final task his wife had to do on the show, which involved memorizing numbers without notes. "Who knows if I would've done better."

Adam Dirks and Bethany Hamilton on Amazing Race
Bethany Hamilton and husband Adam Dirks on The Amazing Race. Photo: Facebook

Eng asked Dirks on doing the Fast Forward during their run, which was a "huge gamble" according to him.

"You don't usually see a lot of teams go for the Fast Forward, especially one that's in last place, but we just sort of looked at the possible situations in front of us," Dirks said. "There was a Double U-Turn and we were in last with Jim and Misti. They could've just U-Turned both of us."

As for the Roadblocks, Dirks emphasized how his wife can pull her share on the show.

"When it came to Beth, we knew she could do a good amount of Roadblocks," Dirks said. "We both know she's more than capable and I think everyone eventually saw that. Fortunately we were also in a season that had fewer Roadblocks. But the rappelling and walking across [a canyon] on that bridge ... I knew she could do it."

Eng liked the fact that Hamilton's lack of an arm was rarely brought up during the season, compared to others who emphasized their conditions.

"It wasn't something I consciously did," Hamilton said. "It's just how I live life anyway."

As for life after the race, Hamilton focused her attention to another project. Her Kickstarter project, which will include a high-performance sports section and a documentary on her life, has already reached its initial goal of funding.

Aaron Lieber, who is behind Hamilton's project entitled "Surfs Like A Girl," explained how both parts will proceed.

"Part one is an adrenalin-pumping and compelling technical sports performance film that showcases Bethany's precision skill and passion for navigating some of the best reef breaks and big waves around the globe," Lieber wrote. "Part one is full of surprises and we guarantee that your heart will be racing and that you will not be disappointed!"

Lieber then elaborated on how the second part will play out.

"This section is about creating a personal relationship with our audience and taking them behind the scenes and into her private life - emotionally, spiritually and physically," Lieber wrote. "Bethany wanted to show her athleticism and technical ability on the waves but also to create a bond with viewers that would encourage them to fiercely pursue their dreams and kick bootie in the water, on the court, in the classroom or wherever their passion takes them."

Bethany Hamilton
Photo: Facebook

Lieber expects to release part one of the projects in spring 2015, and part two will be completed in fall 2015. Initial shooting locations, according to Lieber, will include Hawaii, Tahiti, Maldives and Indonesia.

According to her biography on her official website, Hamilton has become a source of inspiration to millions through her story of determination, faith and hope. Although the tiger shark bit off her arm, she would not let that traumatic event get in the way of her rising surfing career.

"Miraculously, just one month after the attack, Bethany returned to the water and just over a year later won her first National title," her biography stated. "In 2007, Bethany realized her dream of surfing professionally."

Hamilton ended up winning first place at both the Surf N Sea Pipeline Pro in 2014 and the NSSA National Championships back in 2005. Her biography noted that she continues to touch and inspire lives around the world as "a professional surfer, wife, Christian, motivational speaker, and healthy lifestyle advocate."

Bethany Hamilton
Photo: Facebook

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