Internet Flourishing and Government’s Supervision Tightening in china

( [email protected] ) Jan 02, 2004 11:53 AM EST

Internet grew fast in 2003 in China and the number of people using the net count 80 million. Internet is an excellent medium to know and spread the realities of China, and to speak the voice of the public.

The Chinese government promotes development of the internet, meanwhile the governmental supervision is hermetic.

Many websites that encapsulate public opinions of China, which may not be conducive to the government, are blocked by a federal firewall. Google has been blocked many times due to accesibility of information; now search engines are unable to list house churches.

Often net writers are detained by the authorities for publishing unsavory events and cases that hover China and attempting to expand awareness of the nation's reality.

But there have been slight improvements. Detained writers are not publicly indicted and later some are freed, reflecting the frequent changes in the government policies and the volatile administration.