4Moms MamaRoo, Baby Rocking Bed, Features First-Ever Smartphone App-Controller

( [email protected] ) Jan 07, 2015 03:42 PM EST
The mamaRoo from 4moms
A baby seat connected to a smartphone. (Photo: 4Moms)

At CES 2015, 4moms, a company specializing in juvenile products, showed off their new mamaRoo, a first-ever app-controlled infant seat.  Connected with a smartphone, it is set up to make certain that the baby will get proper soothing in his or her baby seat.  It is the first time that a baby seat has become a part of the Internet of Things. 

As you can see from the illustration, the mamaRoo has an infant seat with a base.  What you cannot see is that this base can be put into motion.  It can be programmed for five types of motion including the up and down of a car ride, the bounces of a kangaroo, the ups of a swing, the downward motions of a rocking cradle, not to mention an ocean wave. 

In order to find out what movements would be used for the mamaRoo, 4moms used accelerometer vests to record parents as they soothed their infants and then identified patterns among these motions.  They were then able to develop motion control software and a dual-axis coordinated motion robotic platforms to allow the mamaRoo to move as a mother would. 

In addition to these special moves, the user has the option to control motion and sound with a smart device like a smartphone or tablet with iOS and Android, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.  The user also has the option for plugging in their smartphone in the base itself to play MP3 files from whatever device they wish.  So not only will the baby be rocked, but it will have appropriate lullabies.  The MamaRoo also comes with built-in nature sounds that include a heartbeat sound to soothe a troubled toddler. 

"Through valuable insights gained from consumers, 4moms develops baby gear that addresses common pain points," said Rob Daley, CEO of 4moms. "Parents have been asking us for a remote, so they can adjust the mamaRoo without disturbing their baby while they rest or play. We've delivered that benefit with the new 4moms app."

Other features of the mamaRoo include a seat that can recline to any position for maximum comfort, up to a full recline.  There are also reversible toy balls up above to keep the baby entertained.  There is also a reversible newborn insert for added support and comfort for newborn babies. 

The new 4moms mamaRoo is available at shop4moms.com for $239.99 for the Classic model and $269.99 for the Plush model. It is available in many colors including classic grey, designer plush, multi plush, silver plush, and classic black. It will also be available at specialty retailers, Babies"R"Us, buybuy Baby and Target.

You may have heard of 4moms before as they are the creators of the Origami Stroller, a stroller that can fold up at the touch of a button.   This "transforming stroller" was an instant success as most strollers do not fold up so easily.  The mamaRoo is a follow-up to the rockaRoo, a similar baby swing product to rock babies like a horse.