Mission Aviation Fellowship Continues to Provide Indispensable Services to Missions

( [email protected] ) Dec 02, 2003 12:19 PM EST

In the 2003 fiscal year, the Mission Aviation Fellowship saved church and mission workers 50 years of travel time through their fleets of aircrafts and flight personnel, facilitating the planting of hundreds of churches around the world and enabling the completion of 90 Scripture translation projects.

The MAF fleet of 62 aircraft logged 39,372 flights and 3,212,620 miles, transported 106,074 passengers, and delivered 4.4 million pounds of cargo - all on 1,700 rough, unimproved dirt and grass airstrips. The pilots also boasted supporting 11,097 national and expatriate mission workers, including doctors, teachers and translators who provide critical services to isolated and remote villages.

The MAF goal for next year is to support 13,000 missionaries and church personnel and to enable 111 Scripture translation projects. While their work will require nearly $30 million to accomplish, MAF pilots will strive towards the goal. MAF also hopes to enable 570 evangelistic events, such as the JESUS film project in remote areas, most of which would not be possible without MAF support.