'The Bachelor' Live Stream Free: Watch Chris Soules Online, Season 19 Premiere Video (ABC)

( [email protected] ) Jan 08, 2015 08:21 PM EST
The Bachelor Season 19 Premiere
What is next for Season 19, Episode 2?

We have previously reported on The Bachelor Season 19, as well as Chris Soules.  We have even have leaks to who the final four are, but if you only want to hear the most immediate spoilers for the next set of episodes, keep reading.  The Bachelor premiere really started with a bang on January 5th, which leads fans and viewers to wonder what could possibly be in store for episode 2. Viewers can watch online via live stream - free for subscribers - below. 

Judging from the promo material that appeared for the coming season, there is going to be a lot of drama as well as hugs and kisses.  According to the Inquistir, there appears to be some kind of massive group date with all the leftover contestants in bikinis and racing tractors, followed by some rooftop pool party. 

Before the rose ceremony, Chris gives some gal a group date rose, which would mean some alone time with this woman.  He sends this girl back to the mansion some most of the other contestants, and makes time with the others to send them home. 

Other spoilers for Season 19 include that Chris' first one-on-one time will be with Megan, in a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.  Then there will be another group date with 11 bachelorettes in a maze with paintball guns and zombies.  There might be something more in store with Britt, who could receive a group date rose. 

As for the recap of The Bachelor Season 19 Season Premiere, here is what happened, according to heavy.com.  A good half hour of the season opening was interviews with past contestants, including an opening with Nikki Ferrell, the most recent winner of The Bachelor Season 18.  Chris Soules is then introduced, along with all 30 contestants. 

Some of the first rounds of introductions are very crazy, like Reegan, a cadaver tissue salesperson who has a cooler with a fake bloody heart within.  When the second round of girls showed up, the first round of contestants spied on them and threw them bad comments. 

Soules admits that he likes Britt and "hope he ends up with her", which seems way too premature.  Eventually, the Rose ceremony begins, and Soules leaves the room because he wanted to give the rose to Tara, who was quite drunk.  Tara did get her rose, but a handful of others were sent home packing.  There was one named Kimberly who cried and decided to go back in the house and talk to Chris, and what happened will be apparently shown in The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2. 

Here is a mild spoiler for The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2 as it was revealed in some photos of episode 2 on ABC that Soules has a group date with six ladies, and Kimberly is in the photos.  This means that Kimberly will probably get another chance with Chris.

If you are interested in watching The Bachelor Season 19 premiere, then head on over to ABC and click on it, as it is available with some Live Stream Info.  As for The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2, it will be available to air this Monday at 8/7.