Back to Jerusalem Movement

( [email protected] ) Jan 15, 2004 12:25 PM EST

MAINLAND CHINA - The aim of this movement is to inform and challenge Christians around the world to pray and involve themselves with the Chinese Church as they send 100,000 missionaries to the unreached Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu nations of the world.

Back To Jerusalem Movement (BTJ) Singapore

The first of many national BTJ initiatives was launched in Singapore after a collection of Christian leaders came together due to their mutual respect and passion for the Back to Jerusalem vision. BTJ Singapore promoted and represented BTJ to the Singaporean Body of Christ.

Paris meeting

On February 17, 2003, over 500 Chinese pastors, leaders, and lay workers from 10 different nations in Europe gathered in Paris. They had been invited to attend the first "Bringing the Gospel Back to Jerusalem" Conference. Brother Yun, also known as the "Heavenly Man", was the key speaker who receives the vision to evangelize the Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu nations of the world

The Second BTJ Conference in Paris

29 August, 2003, over 500 Chinese Christians, in which many are leaders, gathered in a church only a few miles from Stade de France. The Chinese came together in their desperate longing for God to help them run the race of life aiming for the Europe. During three days, the place was filled with worship, prayer and teaching. After this, a thorough presentation of the Back To Jerusalem vision was delivered and the area in front of the church was afterwards filled with people, praying for God to use them for His purposes.