Where Do the Blessings Come From?

Christian Organizations Take Opportunity to Evangelize in the Lunar New Year
( [email protected] ) Jan 16, 2004 12:45 PM EST

In less than a week’s time, Chinese lunar New Year will come. Asians around the world are busy preparing for it, especially for Chinese communities like Hong Kong and China. People clean and decorate their houses, shop in the Flower Market and buy spring flowers, the city is filled with a joy.

Chinese believes that as last year is ended, blessings will come along with the New Year. But where the blessings come from? Christian organizations in Hong Kong have developed many new ways to bring people the blessings from heaven during the season’s tide.

This year, the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union and the Hong Kong Bible Society jointly print a set of evangelizing pamphlet named “Where the blessings come from?” It is free of charge for all the Hong Kong churches to get the copies.

According to the Mission Department of the mentioned organizations, in the view of supporting churches to evangelize in the New Year holiday, they will print a large amount of evangelizing pamphlets every year. Over 400,000 copies were made this year, and all were distributed in less than a month’s time. This is a piece of good news showing that Christian culture is becoming more popular among the public.

The pamphlet is a new design with the theme “Christ Gives Us New Life, the Gospel Saves the World.” printed on the cover page. For the contents, it first mentions about SARS and many other misfortunes happened in Hong Kong last year, and the conclusion brings out the message “All the blessings come from the Creator our God above”. At the back, it quotes the bible verses from Proverbs, “The blessings of the Lord makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.” For frustrated Hong Kong people, it really gives very great comfort and hope.

Flower Market is the busiest place near New Year’s Eve. Starting from today, the Chinese Bible International will set up a booth in the Flower Market to distribute some gospel banners and red pockets freely to the public. Also, it will sell Bibles and Christian books.

There will be a booth of Hong Kong Industrial Evangelical Fellowship. It aims to combat gambling activities in the society through distributing educational banners. According to the person in charge, Chinese people are used to gamble a lot in the spare time during the New Year and it usually hurts the relationship between family members. The booth is organized by a group of recovered gamblers who can testify the real joy in a family life without gambling.

All things become bright and beautiful in Spring. New Christian cultures will refresh Hong Kong.