Heavenly Melody

( [email protected] ) Jan 18, 2004 11:11 AM EST

TAIWAN -- Heavenly Melody is acknowledged as Taiwan's first professional Christian music ministry team.

Heavenly Melody's purpose is to proclaim God's love through music. Through their musical compositions, productions and live concerts. Heavenly Melody conveys the value of life and the good news of God's love to the hearts of many.

Heavenly Melody was established by Doris Brougham, a missionary from Seattle, assisted by Leland and Dorothy Haggerty, under the umbrella of Overseas Radio and Television which is the first Christian television program aired in Taiwan. The Voice of Heavenly Melody was featured weekly on the National Taiwan Television station beginning in 1963.

The Heavenly Melody Singers often have traveled to various places for weeks at times to perform in concerts. Upon returning to the ministry center, they write songs, record albums and hold local concerts and rallies.

The songs of Heavenly Melody are now widely known among Chinese christians.