Missing MH370 Plane ‘May Never be Found’; Malaysia Airlines Also Victim of A Hack Attack

( [email protected] ) Jan 27, 2015 01:08 AM EST
Malaysia Airline MH370

The fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may remain unknown, considering that disappeared in an area where the doomed plane "may never be found."

Australian former defense chief Angus Houston, who made the comments about the doomed plane according to Rebecca Perring of the Daily Express, has warned that there is "every possibility it won't be found."

"The ocean is a huge place," Houston said. "The water is very, very deep and it's possible it won't be found."

Houston, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II as part of Australia Day celebrations, held out hope it could be found one day.

"Hopefully one day we will wake up and we will hear that MH370 has been found," Houston said.

The Daily Express reported that search and rescue authorities have been unable to find any debris from the missing passenger jet despite the intensive efforts to find it. The Boeing 777 disappeared in March last year with 239 passengers and crew on board; its final resting place is believed to be in the southern Indian Ocean.

"The search for stricken flight MH370 resumed in October after it was halted for four months so crews could map the seabed of the search zone, which measures approximately 23,000 square miles," Perring wrote.

According to the latest MH370 post from Malaysia Airlines published on Nov. 10, 2014, the airliner thanked the governments of Malaysia, Australia and China "for their invaluable assistance in this time of crisis," adding that "our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of passengers and crew of MH370."

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked
Workers stand behind a computer which shows the hacked website of Malaysia Airlines, at a cafe in Petaling Jaya outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jan. 26, 2015. Joshua Paul/AP Photo

Missing plane aside, Malaysia Airlines has also become the latest victim of Internet hackers. According to a report from Sky News, hackers claiming to represent ISIS shut down access to the website for several hours Monday.

"404 - Plane Not Found. Hacked by Cyber Caliphate," the hackers wrote after blocking access to the website for several hours.

Sky News reported that the browser tab displayed the words "ISIS WILL PREVAIL" on top.

After some investigation, Sky News determined that the hack did not originate from ISIS, but from a hacking group called Lizard Squad. The group did refer to Malaysia Airlines in their Twitter feed.

"Going to dump some loot found on http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/. Servers soon," Lizard Squad wrote on Twitter.

The group also claimed that Malaysia Airlines lied about data being compromised in a "media statement" on Twitter.

"We would like to point out that [Malaysia Airlines] is lying about user data not being compromised," Lizard Squad wrote, referring to a picture link that was later taken down.

In its defense, Malaysia Airlines released a statement on its official website admitting to the hack attack, but claiming that its servers did not suffer any damages.

"Malaysia Airlines confirms that its Domain Name System (DNS) has been compromised where users are re-directed to a hacker website when www.malaysiaairlines.com URL is keyed in," Malaysia Airlines wrote.

The airliner also said that the incident was reported to CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Ministry of Transport.

"Malaysia Airlines assures customers and clients that its website was not hacked and this temporary glitch does not affect their bookings and that user data remains secured," the airliner wrote.

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