'Godfather of Shock Rock' Alice Cooper Becomes A Grandfather, Enjoys Teaching Bible Study

( [email protected] ) Feb 06, 2015 03:51 PM EST
Rock 'N' Roll hall of famer and "godfather of shock rock" Alice Cooper recently revealed that he loves teaching Bible study--and spending time with his newborn twin grandsons.
Alice Cooper, the shock mega-rockstar, made headlines in the 60's and 70's for his grotesque onstage antics. EPA

Rock n' Roll hall of famer Alice Cooper, who made headlines in the 60's and 70's with his shocking onstage antics, shared recently that he loves teaching Bible study at his local church and spending time with his newborn grandsons.

"I teach Bible study, I'm sort of a substitute," Cooper told Nati Celebrity Services vice president Chris Riddick at the celebrity flag football game on Saturday, jokingly adding "If nobody shows up, I'm the bottom-of-the-barrel guy."

Several decades ago, the 67 year old rocker, born Vincent Damon Furnier, earned the title "The Godfather of Shock Rock" due to his grotesque music shows, including guillotining himself, frightening makeup, and ax-chopping bloodied baby dolls.

But after embracing Christianity many years later, Cooper, who was raised in a Bible-believing home, drastically changed his tune, beating his alcohol addiction and becoming a strong witness for Christ.

"I watched all of my best friends - Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon - every one of them, die trying to live their image," Cooper once said.

"Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll is easy. True Christianity ... that's rebellion," he added, " "The world doesn't belong to us, the world belongs to Satan. We're living in that world, bombarded with that every day. If you don't have Christ in your life, you're a victim to that."

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Today, Cooper performs in a much tamer fashion and attends Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, California, along with his wife.

"You should see the look on people's faces. 'Alice Cooper teaching Bible class? But he's the spawn of the Devil!'" the rocker explained to The Sun UK. "Surely people get it by now ... Alice is just a character. Alice hates going to church, but I go every Sunday."

The rocker also recently became a grandfather to twin boys, Riot and Falcon, whom he showed off in a recent interview with Fox10 Phoenix.

"Don't believe I'm not gonna get ribbed like you know, but then you realize almost every guy that I already know out there is already a grandfather," the singer joked. "Mick Jagger is a great-grandfather, so he's way ahead of all of us as he always is."

When he's not performing or spending time with his growing family, Cooper works to help troubled teens; in 2006, he opened the Solid Rock Teen Center, a $3 million Christian recreation facility for young people struggling with addiction, gang activity, and abuse.

"We believe a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose provides a meaningful foundation for the youth in local communities," the organization's website reads. "Many teens today face a future without a solid foundation from broken promises and burdened hearts."