Church and Social Development Symposium

( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 12:58 PM EST

HONG KONG--- In February 2004, the Church And Social Development Symposium was held in Hong Kong by the Amity Foundation. This symposium is to talk on how churches serve the social development.

Mr. Qiu Zhong hui, General Secretary of the Amity Foundation talked on the challenges and opportunities presented by social development on the Mainland at this current time.

Rev. Cao Shengjie, the Amity Foundation Board Member and President of the China Christian Council, spoke on the church and social service. Rev. Cao shengjie emphasizes that Chinese churches should actively serve society as a witness.

Professor Simon Kwan Shui-man, Department of Religion from Chinese University of Hong Kong, speaks on the calling of the churches to offer care and concern to society as a means of witness.

Mr. Ng Shui-lai from Hong Kong Christian Service, speaks on strategies for social service and poverty-relief from a Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese perspective.

Rev. Li Enlin, Amity Associate General Secretary and Director of Amity's Medical Division, shares examples she has encountered in her work of the church reaching out to local communities in love.

Mr. He Wen, Deputy Director, Amity's Rural Development Division talks on Amity's poverty-reduction strategies and approaches.

Mr. Wu Leung-hei, from Hong Kong St. James's Settlement, shares experiences of doing social service work in Hong Kong.