Feminist Aborts Baby Because He Was a Boy, Says 'I Couldn't Bring A Monster Into This World'

( [email protected] ) Feb 09, 2015 03:38 PM EST
A feminist woman's decision to abort her unborn baby because he was a boy has sparked outrage across the internet.
“If the curse returns, I would do the exact same thing all over again,” writes Lana.

A woman's decision to abort her late-term, unborn baby because he was a boy has sparked shock and outrage across the internet.

In a blog post shared on Injustice Stories, the woman, called "Lana," shares how she found herself unexpectedly pregnant but knew that she was ready to be a mother.

"In the spring of 2012, I found out that I was pregnant," the blog post reads. "I had a good idea who the donator was, but money wasn't really an issue, and I knew that I would be a good mother-like figure for the child by myself. I have always believed in the right for all women to have a choice in terminating their pregnancy, but when I confirmed the diagnosis about a month into it, I decided that I WAS ready to have this child."

However, during her pregnancy, Lana had a few experiences that strengthened her already strong feminist views.  In one particular instance, she encountered a man who berated her for attending an Occupy Wall Street rally. These unfortunate experiences led the young woman into making the decision to abort her child after discovering it was a boy.

"I was in shock, I started crying, weeping at the thought of what I was about to curse the world with...My home became my prison and my fetus became my warden the next 48 hours," she writes. "Crying, sobbing, uncontrollable weeping, mental anguish the likes of which may only be experienced by those who have had their lives destroyed by war, I was a refugee, and my home was my refugee camp, an unfamiliar place that was just....sheltering me.

"By the third day, I started regaining some of my mental strength and knew what I had to do," the woman continued. "I couldn't bring another monster into the world. We already have enough enemies as it is. It didn't matter that I would be raising a son, he would still come into contact with boys, men, perhaps even the suit jockey who would inevitably twist his carefully constructed upbringing with their kindness. He would think 'These men aren't so bad, why would mom say that they are holding me down?' Not all men are bad, my driver showed genuine concern for my well-being that day and I may have taken my anger out on him. That may have been uncalled for. But I knew what I had to do."

Three years later, Lana, who is now the mother of a 1 year old girl, does not regret her decision to kill her child, arguing that the chances of her son turning into a "patriarchal" male were too great too high. In fact, she writes that if she becomes pregnant with a boy again, she will abort him, too.

"If the curse returns, I would do the exact same thing all over again," she writes.

Lana's blog post has sparked outrage across the internet, with many criticizing her "horrific" and "selfish" behavior.

"This is the one of the most disgusting, vile, hateful things I've ever heard. I hope this isn't true," writes a Twitter user named Caleb Thornton .

"Pure evil. Detestable, vile, hateful spite. This is the worst thing i've ever read," added Nick Mwakajumba.

"Fabricated or not this is one of the saddest things in the world because it is convincingly plausible," writes another user. "It's very telling of the mentality of today's world. Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

"Pray, pray, pray for our nation," another user wrote under a link to the blog post.

"I almost threw up after reading this. You have topped every horrible thing I've ever seen during my three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. It takes quite a bit to shock me these days and you managed to do it. Congratulations," wrote James Wyss.

But according to Lana, no amount of negative feedback will make her regret her decision.

"I find it hard to hate anybody, their faults are not their own, but usually rather the product of an environment or social circle they have been exposed to," Lana wrote in a follow-up to her original blog post. "I beg most of you, for your own good, take a look at yourself and decide right now if you want to spend the rest of your life angry on the internet, or if you want to fight for a woman's right to do what she wants with her body."