Taiwan's National Day of Repentance

Healed and reconciled by a mass prayer of repentance
( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 12:58 PM EST

A prayer and fasting meeting began on 28th Feb at Lingko Stadium marked the start of the National Day of repentance of Taiwan. Over fifteen thousand people attended including natives from all the regions of Taiwan, and people from many different denominations, ethnic backgrounds (Mandarin, Taiwanese, aboriginal people and Hakka) and ages.

Sinice 16th of Janurary, repentance meetings in more than 25 cities have been held throughout the land. These prayer gatherings began with personal repentence, followed by repentance for families and cities in turn. Finally on 28th Feb, prayer focus moved to the entire land of Taiwan. This is the largest prayer progamme held which had ever been held in Taiwan recently.

The National Day of repentence was proposed by a praying ministry. The praying team shared how God had convicted them about having a passion for Taiwan in their recent prayers within these years. They said that they felt the pain and the grief of God to Taiwan over its idaol worship, sex immoralilty , arrogance and blood shedding. They explained, "The Churches tend to overlook all these but God recalls those in our prayers. Every of us should now turn back and go to God with a heart of humbleness and repentance so that God can bless this land and bring tremendous revival."

Brian Liu, pastor of a growing church in Taipei said, "The body of believers that God cannot deal with the idols in the land, until we deal with the idolatry in our own hearts and in the church." He issued a call for personal repentance, thousands responded.

The congregation went on by giving prayers for identificational repentance between various people groups in the body of Christ in Taiwan. During these, Pastor Chow led the crucial repentance for "228" ( February 28th, a national memorial day in Taiwan, recalls a time of pain and bloodshed in Taiwan's history when thousands of people lost their lives in clashes between the Mandarin and Taiwanese people.)

An Indian pastor gave a prayer of repentence for India's role in releasing idols into Taiwan. And a delegation of pastors from Japan repented for atrocities suffered by Taiwan during a period of colonization by the Japanese.

The meeting lasted for 12 hours and ended with corporate communion, followed with a dancing celebration led by the Taiwanese native people dressed in their native costumes.