Report: At Least 35 More Egyptians Kidnapped in Libya

( [email protected] ) Feb 16, 2015 11:06 PM EST
Egyptians Beheaded by ISIS in Libya
Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters

There are reports that at least 35 more Egyptians have been kidnapped in various locations in areas controlled by Ansar Al-Sharia and IS as Egypt continues the airstrikes in efforts to avenge the deaths of 21 Coptic Christians who were beheaded by ISIS.

The Libya Herald has been told starting this morning, Egyptians nationals, many of them it seems far workers, have been rounded up by gunmen. The first reports said that seven men had been seized, but by mid-afternoon, at least 25 have been reported missing. 

International Christian Concern has started a petition to urge the government in the "strongest possible terms to increase protections for the expatriate Coptic community in Libya." Egyptian Christians with relatives in Sirte and other parts of Libya say many of their family members are trapped, with no way to travel without risking further abductions.

Egypt is conducting second round of airstrikes against the militants to avenge the deaths of the murdered Coptic Christians. 

Egypt's armed forces announced late Monday the deployment of its forces nationwide to "protect public and private properties, secure roads... and contribute to the capture of criminals and outlaws." 

The men responsible for the beheading are believed to belong to a division of Islamic State fighters in Libya.