Interview with Pius Kwame Agyekum from GHANA Project coordinator of O-21

Mar 23, 2004 03:26 PM EST

Mr. Pius Kwame Agyukum, of Forum of Bible Agencies, Ghana who is Project coordinator of Opportunity-21 was here to evaluate the work of Bible Society's innovative project called Opportunity-21 conveniently known as O-21. Opportunity 21 (O-21) links national Bible Societies on every continent. This global fellowship makes a multi-faceted program possible. The American Bible Society (ABS)(1816) and the Maclellan Foundation(1952) are both taking lead roles in helping support and develop the O-21 program. With O-21 the production, distribution, translation of the Holy Bible have seen enormous growth. CHT's Seri Lee spoke to the project coordinator on the O-21 project in India.

Q.What are the purpose of your visit and which places are you visiting within India?

ANS: I have come to India to evaluate Opportunity-21 project here. As I arrived India on 4th March, I had visited Bangalore, Chennai, Hydrabad, Ahmedabad prior to my stoppage in New Delhi now. My next and last visit will be Mumbai. As I have said I am inspecting and evaluating the work O-21 being carried in different cities in different parts of this country.

Q. Are you satisfied with the way O-21 project is being handled here in India?

ANS: Yes, I am satisfied with works carried by those. With the initiative of O-21 in India, they(the Bible Societies in India) could get printing machine through this project and save 80% of time consumption and 75% of the cost of producing the Holy Bible. Also, the image of BSI could be more improved through this project. This will enhance the work of BSI greatly.

Q. Kindly Explain about opportunity-21 project more.

ANS : O-21 was started in 2001 and it has time limitation, in the sense there are goals to be achieved within limited timeframe. It is being carried in various countries. They used to get funds from United Bible Society(UBS - which is the fellowship of national Bible Societies around the world) and customize project according to their need. As it is planned according to the need of a particular country, it is really very much helpful for the people in the country concern. Many people also support those projects. Praise God, Though fund doesn’t come from UBS anymore, they are willing to continue through raising fund by themselves.

Q. Can tell me any good example of O-21 project carried by other country?

ANS : As I mentioned earlier, O-21 is being carried in many countries around the world. The best example I can give u is the Project in Ghana where thousands of gospel cassettes were published through O-21 project which would not have been possible without O-21 around.

Q. What are the areas in which BSI(Bible Society of India) needs to improve in terms of O-21 project ?

ANS : I wish BSI to get fund more for this project so that even this can be carried by BSI itself to meet the massive needs of Holy Bible in this country.

It is learned that BSI is currently engaging in translation of the Bible to around 70 languages this year in India which needs support spiritually and financially from believers in India.