A Million Pastors aimed-Global Advancers gathered in Kolkata

( [email protected] ) Mar 23, 2004 03:26 PM EST

Kolkata: Global advance, a worldwide ministry recently held a conference in Kolkata(Calcutta) for its workers where a quarter-millionth ministry leaders were trained.

When ministers come together on 17th February this year at the ‘Frontline Shepherd Conference’ in Kolkata the ministers were encouraged and strengthened spiritually as the intensive Conference came to an end on 21st February. It was a time for them to receive ‘a vision in their hearts and tools in their hands’.

The Global Advance used to hold 'Frontline Shepherds Conferences' in different parts of the world which focused primarily on underdeveloped nations, native pastors and church leaders receive equipping them with the word of God and sharpening their mission skills. Books and ministry resources have been translated into 13 languages which will further boost the ministry.

President and founder of the Global Advance, Dr. David Shibley was quoted as saying, "At the Global Advance Frontline Shepherd's Conference in Calcutta, India, we were privileged to pass a very important milestone in the ministry of Global Advance. Our quarter-millionth ministry leader was trained at that conference."

Global Advance has a vision to provide training and resources for one million pastors and church leaders in needy areas of the world. They believe in empowering national church leaders as the most strategic, cost effective, and culturally sensitive way to advance the Gospel.

The Global Advance is actively involved in mission works in many third world 53 countries including Bhutan, which is a strategic area into Tibet, China, Eastern India.

There are many upcoming events in different parts of the world. You can be one of them who will help strengthen this ministry to reach to the million un-reached people.

To know more about the global advance, visit www.globaladvance.org