Sydney to Possibly Host the World Youth Day in 2008

( [email protected] ) Mar 31, 2004 04:03 PM EST

According to the Catholic World News, Sydney's Cardinal George Pell has confirmed about the possibility of Sydney hosting World Youth Day in 2008. The Australian bishops are studying the feasibility of hosting World Youth Day and discuss the possibility with Australian government officials.

Cardinal Pell and the other Australian bishops have written to the Pontifical Council to express their interests of Sydney hosting 2008 World Youth Day and discussing the possibility with Australian government officials.

"My goal is to strengthen the faith of young Australians." Cardinal Pell cardinal said. "Catholic community in Australia needs help in persuading young people to resist the lures of "alcohol, drugs, and the improper understanding of the Christian message on sexuality."

Next year's event will host by the German city of Cologne and 2008 winner will announce during the event.