Aaron Hernandez Trial Update: Tape of Fiancée with Black Plastic Bag Takes Center Stage Alongside Training Coach Testimony

( [email protected] ) Feb 25, 2015 02:19 AM EST
The trial of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez continued on Tuesday, when a strength-and-conditioning coach took to the stand and video footage showing a black plastic bag was played in court.
Aaron Hernandez in court. REUTERS/Josh Reynolds/POOL

The trial of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez continued on Tuesday, when a strength-and-conditioning coach took to the stand and video footage showing a black plastic bag was played in court.

According to Jenny Wilson of the Hartford Courant, personal trainer Brian McDonough took to the stand as a prosecution witness in the trial of the former New England Patriots tight end. Bristol County District Attorney Patrick Bomberg asked McDonough what Hernandez was up to in the days before and after he allegedly shot Odin Lloyd to death on June 17, 2013.

"We were somewhat close to training camp," McDonough said in regards to the nature of the work he planned to do with Hernandez. "Basically, just getting into shape, conditioning, working up to speed."

Wilson reported that Bomberg showed in court text messages that were sent between Hernandez and McDonough. One of the texts sent to the trainer said that "something serious came up" from Hernandez's side.

"The former Patriots tight end underwent shoulder surgery during the off-season that year, and was still rehabilitating from his injury," Wilson wrote. "The personal training session was scheduled for 10 hours after authorities say he killed Lloyd."

According to Wilson, McDonough testified that Hernandez did not show up on June 17. The former athlete then sent him a text in response to rescheduling a training session.

"Lost phone jus got a new one and didn't no how to get a hold of u or neone lol I'm sorry and I won't leave u hang in again I'll be there tomorrow 145 I am sorry see u tomorrow," Hernandez wrote.

Wilson reported that law enforcement actually seized Hernandez's phone in connection to the investigation surrounding Lloyd's death. Based on phone records, he cancelled on McDonough once again; Wilson reported that he was interviewed at the North Attleborough police station around that time.

"I will not be there today either suttin came up but ill just call u when I'm back around which should be soon but ill b in touch! Thanks and sorry for all the hassle/inconvenience," Hernandez wrote via text message.

According to Wilson, McDonaugh testified that he receive a final text message from Hernandez before he was arrested and charged with murder on June 26, 2013.

"I'll give u a call within next day or too but not positive and I truly am sorry for hassle but something serious came up," Hernandez typed.

Wilson reported that the prosecution attempted to use the texts, alongside McDonough's testimony, to argue that Hernandez had a "consciousness of guilt" in the days following Lloyd's shooting.

"They have accused him of going to great lengths to hide his involvement and to destroy evidence in Lloyd's slaying," Wilson wrote. "He is accused, among other things, of directing his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, to remove the murder weapon from his house the day after Lloyd's slaying."

According to Jay Hart of Yahoo Sports, surveillance video footage was played in court showing Jenkins leaving Hernandez's home with a black plastic bag. Another prosecutor, William McCauley, used the testimony of three housekeepers to reinforce his assertion that Jenkins removed the murder weapon from the scene of the crime.

"At one point, she set the bag down and had to squat down to lift it up again," Wilson wrote in describing the video's contents. "Jenkins walked by the swimming pool and out of the backyard. A different camera from Hernandez's home surveillance system captured her re-arranging items in the trunk of a red sedan parked in the garage, and placing the black bag into the trunk."

Hart reported that all three housekeepers went on the stand and described what they saw to the prosecution.

"Two housekeepers testified that on multiple occasions they'd discovered a gun hidden under a guest bedroom mattress in Hernandez's basement," Hart wrote. "Marilia Prinholato described the gun as about 30 to 40 centimeters long."

The other two housekeepers, Grazielli Silva and Carla Barbosa, also took the stand. Hart reported that in their testimonies, Silva said that she found a gun hidden under a mattress, while Barbosa said that she did not see any gun under the mattress when she cleaned the guest bedroom.

"When police searched Hernandez's home in the days following Lloyd's murder, no guns were discovered," Hart wrote.

According to Wilson, Hernandez is facing murder and two illegal firearms charges. The former NFL player is also accused of being involved in two other murders that happened in Massachusetts back in 2012.

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