Kanye West's New Album 'So Help Me God' Intended to Be 'Joyful Noise to the Lord'

( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2015 11:48 AM EST
Kanye West
Kanye West stirred up controversy in 2013 due to content included in his album titled ''Yeezus.'' Courtesy of Def Jam/Inez and Vinoodh

Hip hop artist Kanye West recently announced that his soon-to-be released album, titled "So Help Me God," is intended to be a "joyful noise unto the Lord."

In a recent Twitter post, the 37 year old "Jesus Walks" singer shared the title of his upcoming album along with a photo of the unique cover art, which is reportedly an ancient monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary.

"This new album's coming out of a fight to want to design. It's a joyful noise unto the Lord. It is still the struggle, but it's the beauty from the struggle - like the song 'Amazing Grace' - coming out of the worst pain possible and making the most beautiful song possible," West explained in a subsequent interview with the Vulture's Zane Lowe.

He later added, "This album is about embracing the music and embracing joy and being of joy and being of service to the people. I just hope people like it and enjoy it."

Although it is unclear when the album will be released, the singer has revealed that it is currently "80% finished." Additionally, he has already shared several new tracks, including "Wolves," "All Day," and the hit single "Only One," which features a heavenly conversation with his late mother, Donda.

"Kanye sat there with his family, holding his daughter North on his lap, and listened to his vocals, singing, 'Hello, my only one...' And in that moment, not only could he not recall having sung those words, but he realized that perhaps the words had never really come from him," reveals an extended press release from StereoGum. "The process of artistic creation is one that does not involve thinking, but often channeling. And he understood in that moment that his late mother, Dr. Donda West, who was also his mentor, confidante, and best friend, had spoken through him that day."

"So Help Me God" follows West's 2013 album,"Yeezus," which includes the controversial single, "I Am God." At the time, the album sparked debate between Christian groups, with some claiming West was simply comparing what he is to music as what Jesus is to the Christian faith, while others denounced it as "blasphemous."

Some, including Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure, also took issue with the name "Yeezus," which is also West's self-proclaimed nickname, arguing it sounds too much like "Jesus."

"That is way too close," Bure told "Sway in the Morning." "It totally bugs me. I have issues with that. There's a million other names out there ... And you could have chosen one that is not one letter off from Jesus. I mean, that's just a little too close. Come on. He's actually comparing himself to Jesus. Really? Should any of us be doing that?"

On his part, West, who often defends his Christian faith, has encouraged listeners to refrain from judgment and instead focus on his intent for distributing his message the way he does.

"You do not want to go against the power. I'm working on one mission, and that's a mission from God," Kanye told 106. Hot FM in February. "I'm gonna make it very clear exactly what I'm here to do."

He added, "I'm here to help. I'm going to apply all the blessings I've got. We're moving to the future. [And] I'm gonna be the anchor."