GTA 5 Online Heists DLC Release Date Update, PC Version Coming on April 14

( [email protected] ) Mar 06, 2015 06:31 PM EST
We have reported several times about the delay of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) and its constant delays of its Heists downloadable content (DLC), but we also reported on some good news on that front.  The GTA V Online Heists is coming on March 10th to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 3, and the Sony PlayStation 4.
Rockstar Games shows off more screenshots from GTA V Online Heists DLC. Photo: Rockstar Games

The GTA V Online Heists is coming on March 10th to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 3, and the Sony PlayStation 4. 

This would make the DLC release on Tuesday of next week, as of this writing.  There will be many things that will keep gamers occupied with GTA V, and the Express had some things to say about the jobs.  For example, they say that the gamer who puts together the heist job has to front all the cash and then has to wait until the end to receive his or her cut.  By the way, a job can consist of five side missions before the big heist finale, and the average time it takes to run a mission is about three hours.  

News from Gamestop also supports a lot of what we have been hearing about the Heists DLC update.  They say it will introduce new PvP (Player vs. Player) modes, daily objectives, as well as new free roam activities that go along with the online Heists.  They source Rockstar's own sit on the updates, saying that stacking challenges over the course of more than a day can allow the player to earn up to $500,000. 

What is really going to make it fun is there will be a lot of new activities that involve the single-player game's characters.  Lamar is going to ask players to destroy vehicles, Lester will contact players and ask them to distract the police, and Trevor and Ron will ask for help destroying rival planes in the air. 

Here's what we know about the PvP modes.  One is called Come Out to Play, which involves both Runners and Hunters.  The Runners have to move on foot while the Hunters right around with shotguns on motorcyles.  Hunters also have unlimited lives, but the Runners only have one and must take the Hunters out with whatever weapons they can find. 

Seige Mentaility is when up to four players must stand up to six attackers.  The attackers have unlimited lives and sawn-off shotguns, while the players can attack with whatever weapons they have. 

The other game, Hasta La Vista, is clearly inspired by the scene with the semi truck chasing the motorcycle from Terminator 2.  Some Truckers are hunting down a team of cyclists, who must make it to a certain checkpoint before the Truckers run them over. 

Yes, it sounds like Heists should be lots of fun for GTA V fans.  I might as well address that those who want to play these on the PC are going to have to wait, as the PC version was delayed to April 14th.  Considering that Rockstar Games announced the Online Heists DLC would be released before the PC version, it is good to see that they kept their promise on that front. 

Grand Theft Auto V can be purchased now for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3, and the DLC Online Heists updates should be available on March 10 2015, just before GTA V comes to the PC on April 14th.