Dave Ramsey Offers Powerful, Biblically Sound Response to Criticism over His Multi-Million Dollar Home

( [email protected] ) Mar 10, 2015 02:08 PM EDT
Financial guru and outspoken Christian Dave Ramsey recently responded in a powerful, Bibically grounded way to criticism over his multi-million dollar home.
Dave Ramsey is the author of ''The Total Money Makeover'' and provides advice on how to live a Godly, debt free lifestyle.

Dave Ramsey, financial guru and outspoken Christian who works to teach others how to live a debt-free, God-honoring life, has issued a powerful response to those who criticized him for buying a multi-million dollar home.

Ramsey, 54, who is also a successful author and radio host, recently purchased his home in an upscale Tennessee neighborhood valued at a staggering $4.9 million. Instantly, Twitter and other social media sites lit up with criticism, with many accusing the financial advisor of ignoring his own advice of living a debt-free life.

The criticism became so harsh, in fact, that Ramsey decided to respond, emphasizing that he did not violate his Biblical values of financial integrity and moderation in buying his home.

"None of this is any of your business nor is it your problem, however in an effort to teach I have always been overly transparent," he writes in the response, which is addressed to his critics.

"So I will try to help."


Dave Ramsey's Home
Dave Ramsey's home is worth an estimated 4.9 million dollars. Photo: BibleMoneyMatters.com

First, Ramsey explains that he and his family regularly tithe 10% to their local church and seek God's advice before spending large amounts of money.


"We have a family foundation that God allows us to give many times what our personal home or other items cost, so we give much more of God's money to his kingdom that we live on percentage wise," he writes.

Ramsey reiterates that he absolutely "does not believe in debt," and thus paid for his home in cash-all of which he earned. He writes, "Our home is a very small percentage of our net worth."

"In the two years we have lived here we have had many, many functions to fund raise for ministries, charities, and community causes. Millions of dollars have flowed through those events. We view our home, like everything in our life, as a tool to be used for the kingdom," he explains.

He adds that ultimately, all money belongs to God; thus, people must be justified only in Christ, and not in the eyes of others through money and other possessions. 

"I used to say ignorant things like "what does anyone need with a __ like that" when I was immature," he writes.

"Now I have been blessed to see how God uses people who are obedient when they are broke and when they aren't. I was with a really Godly guy a few weeks ago worth 2.2 BILLION. He gives 300-500 million a year. Some of you sent him hate mail worried about his soul because he bought a $110,000 car. That does not make him wrong, that makes that person silly, foolish, and spiritually immature. Note: God gave HIM 2.2 Billion to manage, God did NOT assign you to help."

In concluding his response, Ramsey asked his readers to continue to pray for him, admitting he is "perfectly capable of messing this whole deal up" and must continue to seek God's will when spending his money.

"So far though, I am not inconsistent between my message and my life," he writes. "So far I have managed to keep God First, Sharon Second, my kids third, and serving all of you fourth. I am having a blast and I thank all you who do understand."

He signs the response, "Yours in Christ, Dave Ramsey."