Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham: 'Don't Fear an Asteroid Destroying the Earth, Fear the Wrath of God'

( [email protected] ) Mar 18, 2015 12:05 PM EDT
Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham recently explained that unbelievers should not fear a giant asteroid hitting the earth, but rather the pending judgement of God.
The simulated video of an asteroid hitting the earth was originally released by the Discovery Channel in 2005. (Discovery Channel Video Screenshot)

Creation Museum president Ken Ham has spoken out against a video released by the Discovery Channel revealing how the Earth would be destroyed if hit by a giant asteroid, emphasizing that unbelievers should instead fear the inevitable judgment of God.

"Those of us who have trusted in Christ as Savior have no fear of this coming judgment because our penalty for sin has already been paid by Jesus," Ham, who is also the president of Answers in Genesis, wrote in a recent blog post.

"But instead of fearing some hypothetical asteroid apocalypse, those who refuse to acknowledge Christ as Lord should fear this coming judgment, and it should bring them to repent and put their faith in Christ."

Ham's comments were made in response to a Discovery Channel simulation video which illustrates in disturbing detail what would happen if a 310-mile asteroid smashes into the Pacific Ocean. In the video, the entire planet earth is destroyed, thus bringing about the Apocalypse.  

Concerns about an asteroid apocalypse, Ham argues, are essentially rooted in a misguided belief in evolution instead of the Bible. 

"Why is it that evolutionists are so concerned that humanity will someday be catastrophically destroyed? Well, according to man's ideas about the past, life arose naturalistically and the universe is governed completely by the merciless laws of physics. According to their worldview, evolutionists contend there isn't anyone upholding or sustaining the universe," he continued.

"We are simply at the mercy of naturalistic processes. Also, according to one evolutionary idea about the supposed dinosaur extinction event, a massive asteroid impact wiped out the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. If such an event happened once before, what's to stop it from happening again and wiping out humanity this time?"

The creationists emphasizes that the Bible provides a clear road-map to the future of mankind, and the universe is not governed strictly by "unfeeling natural laws." Therefore, Ham says, Christians should not fear "man's prediction about the future."

"According to God's Word, the universe is not here as the result of naturalistic processes. God created the universe and has imposed order on it," he explained. "The universe is not strictly governed by unfeeling natural laws. God upholds and sustains the universe that He has made (Hebrews 1:3). And we don't need to worry that an asteroid will obliterate life."

In a later Facebook post, Ham encouraged Christians to share the Biblical account of creation with those who hold to the theory of evolution, arguing that that one's beliefs regarding the earth's origins determines how they view the future.  

"We need to be bold in telling others about the history-and the future-that God has revealed to us in His Word and in encouraging them to put their faith and trust in Christ," he wrote.