Thirteen Churches Unite For 'Power To Change' Mission To Russian Megacity

( [email protected] ) May 14, 2004 04:44 PM EDT

Thirteen Evangelical Protestant churches in the Russian city of Ufa worked in conjunction with Finland’s IRR-TV to minister to 1.2 million people in a six-week mission campaign. The mission to Ufa, officially called “Power to Change”, came to a conclusion earlier this week.

Hannu Haukka of IRR-TV (International Russian Radio-TV) said Russian cities have never seen outreach of this magnitude."During the six-week mission over 60,000 contacts with non-believers were made. The call center alone received thousands of calls from non-believers in the city. Several thousand people are in the follow-up process already. Five Ministry of Justice officials accepted the Lord during the unprecedented media campaign," reported Haukka.

During the six-week period, the participants distributed 50,000 campaign newspapers, placed “Power to Change” billboards across the city, broadcasted over the audio, placed ads in public transport systems, and offered aid to orphanages, prisons, children’s homes, among various other efforts.

Haukka said that the results of the campaign surpassed even the expectations of the Russian pastors and IRR-TV.