JAARS to Take Part in Statewide Aviation Celebration

( [email protected] ) Dec 10, 2003 10:24 AM EST

North Carolina – In commemorating the 100th year since the Wright Brothers first took their historical flight, North Carolina Department of Transportation decided to hold an aviation show, December 12-17. Among the premiered airlines is JAARS – the organization that speeds bible translation by delivering the products around the world.

"Being based in North Carolina for many, many years, we're part of North Carolina aviation history. And, the North Carolina Department of Transportation asked us to be on display out there and be involved in the celebration. We're going to be taking one of our Helio Couriers that we used in places around the world to support missions,” said JAARS’ Glenn Ferguson.

According to Ferguson, the event brings a chance for JAARS not only to display their aircrafts, but also their evangelistic missions and ministry works.

"We'll be out there in a unique situation with aviation people looking at airplanes,” said Ferguson. “But they'll say, 'why are you here?' and we'll tell them why we're here and what we do with airplanes. Whoever God calls, we're here to talk to them."