Christian Council of Korea to Hold Prayer Meeting for Peace

Church Leaders Concerned About Reduction of United States Forces Korea
( [email protected] ) Jun 03, 2004 04:51 PM EDT

Seniors of Christian Council of Korea (CCK) are going to express their worries concerning to rapid change in politics and economy such as reduction of United States Forces Korea.

CCK (representative: Jah-Yeon Gil) is holding a 'Special prayer meeting and conference for the people and nation of churches in Korea' on June 7 and 8 at Olympic Parktel.

At this event, Pastor Jin-Gyung Jung will deliver the message and Pastor In-Shik Lim, Deacon Won-Sul Lee and Pastor Nam-Joon Yoon will attend and lead the special prayer meeting.

"After the general Election, living together politically, restoring economy and avoiding military responsibility are the greatest issues in South Korea. And also due to the reduction of United States Forces Korea, safety and peace in South Korea is being doubted. At this time where we face a lot of problems, we decided to have special prayer meeting with senior Christian leaders so that churches in Korea can fulfill its commission and that we can revive this country," explained one of the staff of CCK.

At seminars which will be part of this event, Dr. Young-Hoon Baek and Dr. Kyung-Bae Min(the president of Seoul Presbyterian theological college) will attend and lead the seminar with themes such as 'the current economic situation of Korea,' '120th anniversary of mission and the future of churches in Korea.'

And the participants are planning to issue a statement with viewpoint of seniors' of Korea churches on security of the nation concerning to the reduction of United States Forces Korea and other issue happening inside and outside of the country.