Moto X 3rd Generation Release Date 2015 Teased by Motorola President

( [email protected] ) Apr 09, 2015 09:02 PM EDT
Moto X
Motorola's second-gen Moto X. Photo: Wikipedia

Motorola's Moto X (3rd Generation) may launch this coming fall, according to a tweet by company president Rick Osterloch.

In a recent Tweet, Osterloch promised that Motorola will "stay on a roughly annual cycle for all our products, including Moto X." The Moto X (1st Generation) was released in August 2013. Afterwards, Motorola launched the Second Generation Moto X in September 2014.

Provided that Motorola follows the same time frame, the Moto X Gen 3 may be ready sometime between August and October 2015. Though Motorola has not made formal announcements for the new device, the existence of the Moto X (3rd Generation) is widely accepted throughout most tech circles.

In regards to specs, not much is known about Motorola's latest flagship. However, Osterloch earlier revealed that the newest Moto X is not going to come with fingerprint sensor. During this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Osterloch told Cnet that he believed fingerprint readers were too unreliable.

The last time the tech giant toyed with fingerprint readers was in 2011 with the Motorola Atrix. This feature was plagued with issues, and was subsequently withdrawn from all future devices. It is uncertain if Motorola will ever experiment with fingerprint sensors again.

Still, what has been more or less confirmed is that Qualcomm will bring its new Snapdragon 810 chipset to a number of future Motorola flagships.

"Motorola Mobility and Qualcomm have a long history of cooperating to create amazing mobile experiences," Rick Osterloh said in a Qualcomm press release. "The Snapdragon 810 processor will enable us to push the boundaries even further so we can continue delighting our customers with devices that give them new choices."

Qualcomm did not specifically state whether the Moto X (3rd Generation) will be running on the Snapdragon 810. Even so, the general consensus amongst gossip circles is that the third-generation Moto X may come with the said Snapdragon processor. Upon release later this year, the Snapdragon 810 is expected to be featured in a number of other devices including Microsoft's Lumia and Sony's Xperia series.  

Under the hood, the third-gen Moto X will certainly have the latest Android OS. The newest Android software is the Android 5.1 Lollipop, which will start rolling out to the Moto X (2nd Generation) later this year.

After its launch, the Moto X (3rd Generation) is expected to go toe-to-toe with the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC M9, LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z4. Besides having to compete with other Android-based devices, the third generation Moto X will face stiff opposition from Apple's iPhone 6 series.