The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date, Pre-Order Purchase Guide for PS4 And Xbox One

( [email protected] ) Apr 11, 2015 07:09 PM EDT

With The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date for Playstation 4 and Xbox One confirmed, pre-order sales have been cropping up at retail locations everywhere. Not surprisingly, Microsoft and Sony have also made pre-order offers - albeit in the form of digital downloads.

At this time, The Elder Scrolls Online has already been released on Windows PC. The PS4 and Xbox One version is scheduled for launch on June 9, 2015. In the sections below, we will examine each of the pre-order offers:

Sony Playstation Store (PS4)

Currently, the Playstation Store is offering pre-orders for both the Tamriel Unlimited Edition and the Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition as digital downloads. The "Tamriel Unlimited Edition" will cost $59.99 while the "Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition" will cost $79.99.

PS Plus members will get a 10 percent discount. That means subscribers will save $6 for the "Tamriel Unlimited Edition" pre-order, or save $8 for the "Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition".

Microsoft Store (Xbox One)

Microsoft's online store is offering pre-orders for the standard disc-version of The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One. This purchase comes with free 3-7 business day shipping, as well as a $10 Xbox gift card digital code. The pre-order price for the Xbox One Edition is set at $59.99.

Also, the PC Tamriel Unlimited and PC Standard edition of the game is available for the same price, but does not come with the gift card offer.

Best Buy

At Best Buy, the standard edition of The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One and PS4 is selling for $59.99. The Tamriel Unlimited Edition is being sold at the same price as well.

Unfortunately, the Imperial Edition for the Xbox One is sold out. The Imperial Edition for PS4 is coming soon to Best Buy. The PS4 Imperial Edition will set buyers back at $99.99. Both shipping and in-store pickup is available once the game has been released.

My Best Buy members will get $10 reward certificates with any pre-order of The Elder Scroll Online. Unlocked Members will get both the $10 Reward Certificates and 20% discount off The Elder Scrolls: Online.


GameStop is selling the PC, PS4, and Xbox One Tamriel Unlimited Edition at $59.99. The PC Tamriel Unlimited Edition is currently available as a digital download, but the disc version will need to be pre-ordered. The retailer is releasing the disc-version of the PC Tamriel Unlimited Edition on June 9.

The Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition on Xbox One and PS4 will costs $99.99. The PC Imperial Edition is also available for $79.99, but as a digital download.

While supplies last, GameStop is offering the Explorer's Pack for pre-orders of all editions of The Elder Scroll Online on PS4 and Xbox One. This pack includes a Scutler Vanity Pet, Bonus Maps, and the ability to play an race in any alliance.

Shipping and in-store pick up options are available.


The Tamriel Edition on PS4 and Xbox One pre-order is selling for $59.99. Meanwhile, the Imperial Edition on PS4 and Xbox One costs $99.99. There are no perks or discount offers being offered by Target at this time. Only in-store pick up is available.


Currently, Amazon is offering pre-orders on some versions of The Elder Scrolls Online. The Tamriel Unlimited Edition on PS4 and Xbox One will set buyers back at $59.99.

Sadly, the PS4 and Xbox One Imperial Edition pre-order is not available at this time. The PC Imperial Edition disc-version (selling at $189.99) is almost sold out. Price-conscious PC owners may wish to buy the digital download version of the PC Imperial Edition for just $79.99.

There is free standard shipping on all orders of the The Elder Scrolls Online disc-version.