GoPro Hero 4 Review, Hero 5 Release Date & Specs Rumors

( [email protected] ) Apr 15, 2015 08:34 PM EDT
With the GoPro Hero 5 release date still pending, the Hero 4 Black and Silver are still the two best action cameras on the market. But buyers may want to hold out for the GoPro Hero 5.
The GoPro Hero 5 is expected to release in October. Photo: GoPro

With the GoPro Hero 5 release date still pending, the Hero 4 Black and Silver are still the two best action cameras on the market. Should buyers hold out for the GoPro Hero 5, which is long rumored to have specs befitting of a flagship brand? Or, is the Hero 4 Black and Silver something worth getting? In this guide, we will explore options.

GoPro Hero 5 Release Date & Specs: What We Know So Far

Many observers within gossip cycles suggest that the GoPro Hero 5 will launch sometime between September and October 2015. The basis for this rumor comes from the Hero 4 launching in September 2014, and the Hero 3 in October 2013. Naturally, these predictions are based solely on speculation.

According to Venture Capital Post, the GoPro Hero 5 may be capable of 4K resolution at a rate of 60 fps. In comparison, the GoPro Hero 4 Black was only able to record in 4K resolution at 30 fps. The device may come with Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI ports. Power may be provided with a 2800 mAH lithium battery. For now, the GoPro Hero 5's underwater capability remains unconfirmed. Based on the Hero 4's original retail value, the Hero 5's starting price may fall somewhere within $400-$500.

Reasons to Buy (Or Not Buy) the GoPro Hero 4

The GoPro Hero 4 comes in both Black and Silver editions. Significantly more expensive, the $500 Black Edition has the higher 30 fps for 4K resolution capture. However, Silver is still an excellent device for its $400 price tag. Most consumers will not mind Silver Edition's 4K resolution at 15 fps capability.

At this time, both the Hero 4 Black & Silver are two of the finest action cams on the market. So, for those needing an action cam now, both editions of the Hero 4 is a great choice. Devices from GoPro's competitors are generally outclassed.

However, the Sony's more recent 4K Action Cam (X100V) may be an exception. Besides being able to capture 4K resolution at 30 fps, the Sony device also has stabilization and GPS. These are two features that are oddly lacking in GoPro's otherwise excellent Hero 4 Black. The Sony device is also waterproof. Regarding capture quality, there are many comparison videos on YouTube showing slightly better clarity for the Sony Action Cam. Nonetheless, the standard for capture quality will be dependant on personal preference.

Lastly, the GoPro Hero 5 may be out within half a year. Even though the Hero 5's specs are based on rumors, the upcoming action cam is going to outmatch the Hero 4 Black. For more economic-minded buyers, the price of a secondhand Hero 4 Black will definitely drop once the Hero 5 starts shipping out.