Daredevil Netflix Series Season 2 Spoilers and Plot Predictions: Bullseye, Elektra, and Born Again

( [email protected] ) Apr 21, 2015 01:36 PM EDT
Classic Daredevil story from Frank Miller.
(Photo : Marvel)
This should be a Season for the Daredevil Series.

Netflix has another hit show on its hands with their airing of 13 episodes of Daredevil.  Inspired by the Marvel comic book character of the same name, the show created a lot of buzz, and it won't be long until Season 2 will be announced.  Here are some predictions about possible stories and rumors that will come with Season 2 of the hit show Daredevil

Bustle has stated that there still isn't an official announcement from Netflix that Daredevil has been renewed for Season 2.  However, the show has generated so much talk from comic-book fans as well as non-comic-book fans, that it really is inevitable that Season 2 will be greenlit, especially with the plans for The Defenders mini series.  The Defenders is meant to team Daredevil with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, who are all slated to have their own TV series as well.  Clearly, there is a bigger plan for a darker Cinematic Universe for Marvel. 

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There are some obvious loose ends from Daredevil Season 1 that were left deliberately untied as plotlines for Season 2.  For example, it is pretty obvious that the Kingpin isn't through yet, even though he is in jail.  It is possible that he might still continue his empire from prison, or find some lawyer to bail him out. 

Also, Karen Page is guilty of murdering Kingpin's best friend and assistant Wesley.  Considering that Wilson Fisk has been known to surrender to his darkest side when it comes to grudges, it is obvious that he is going to track down Wesley's killer.  This will lead him inevitably to Karen.  Considering that Karen Page dies in the Daredevil comic, it is possible that this could happen here. 

However, there is a lot in the Daredevil mythos that could be explored for Season 2.  SciFiNow reports that Steven DeKnight has talked about Daredevil, saying that he didn't introduce classic Daredevil characters like Elektra and Bullseye this season but they are "on the radar". 

Yes, Elektra and Bullseye have been introduced to most audiences as Jennifer Garner and Colin Farrell from the 2003 Daredevil movie version, but in the comics, this story became famous and not infamous.  Elektra and Daredevil had a relationship that ended in tragedy when Bullseye killed her, and it affected Matt forever. 

Season 2 could introduce Elektra back into Matt's life, because it has been previously mentioned on the show that Matt dated some Greek girl in college.  From there, Elektra could become involved with Nelson and Murdock, and it would be interesting to see her interact with Karen not to mention Claire. 

It would be simple for the writers to introduce a hired assassin named Bullseye, and then have him go after Daredevil because the Kingpin hired him for that.  In fact, there was a sniper revealed in Season 1 who had some cards with him, and this could be Bullseye.  Elektra could get involved after Bullseye guns for Daredevil, and then a tragic history would repeat itself, ending Season 2 on a very dark note of sadness.

As someone that used to read the Daredevil comic back in the eighties, I will have to say that Season 1 was faithful to the source material, as it was dark and dealt with the character in a way that Ben Affleck failed to do in the 2003 movie.  I'm going to suggest another direction that Season 2 could go, and if not Season 2, then Season 3 or afterward. 

In 1986, Daredevil had a storyline with writer Frank Miller.  I'm sure that you've probably heard of Frank Miller, as he is the man behind the inspiration for the original comic books that were turned into film adaptations like Sin City and 300.  Not only did he create Elektra (who he only intended to be in one story before she became a fan-favorite), but he created a storyline that eventually became known as "Born Again", and it really was something. 

The storyline involves Karen Page selling out Daredevil's identity as Matt Murdock, all so she can get a fix of drugs.  Somehow, the Kingpin hears of this information, and proceeds to destroy Matt Murdock's world.  It takes him only a few phone calls and the Matt Murdock's life falls apart losing his girlfriend Glori, reputation, money, his law license, and then the Kingpin blows up his home.  The story was so great because never in the history of comics had a villain decide to just go after the hero so personally. 

The story then gets even more interesting as Matt goes paranoid and guns after the Kingpin.  There is a lot of pretentious narration in the comic captions that Frank Miller is known for.  When Matt finds the Kingpin, Matt gets beaten even more.  Matt eventually finds himself in a church, where he meets a nun who turns out to be his mother.  Eventually, Matt tracks down Karen and they become lovers, in spite of all that has happened.  In the meantime, the Kingpin, knowing that Matt Murdock is alive, hires an out-of-control assassin named Nuke that levels Hell's Kitchen.  At that point, Captain America gets involved to take him down, and Matt begins his life in Hell's Kitchen anew. 

The reason why I bring up the "Born Again" storyline is it could very easily be transferred to the screen based on what the successful Netflix show has revealed, and it could make for an excellent Season-long story with an epic ending.  Of course, Karen doesn't know that Matt is Daredevil yet, but she could easily learn as quickly as Foggy did in Season 1. 

In fact, wouldn't it be funny if Karen learns that Matt is Daredevil, and then the Kingpin finds Karen and wants to kill her for what she did to Wesley.  Then Karen can say: "I know who Daredevil is, let me live and I will tell you his name".  This can then begin the chain of events that would lead Matt to become very paranoid, meet his mother, and other events of the "Born Again" storyline. 

Of course, the big question is how will Daredevil fit into the Marvel's cinematic universe?  I mentioned that the "Born Again" storyline featured Captain America, but it doesn't have to go in that direction.  Still, guest appearances by other Marvel superheroes could make the show interesting.  Especially the Black Widow, who Daredevil had a deep relationship with, and it would be interesting to see them get Scarlett Johansson to make an appearance. 

So that is my prediction for Daredevil: a season 2 with the Elektra and Bullseye plotline, followed by a Season 3 with the "Born Again" story, with a few Marvel celebrity guest stars thrown in.  Of course, I cannot guarantee this will occur, but I think that Season 2 and even Season 3 of Daredevil is a safe bet.