'Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson Shares Update On Daughter Mia's Cleft-Palate Surgery, Recovery Process

( [email protected] ) Apr 23, 2015 09:10 AM EDT
Mia Robertson and Jase Robertson
Mia and her father Jase Robertson (Photo: Miamoo.org)

Jase Robertson, who is in the popular A&E show "Duck Dynasty," has issued an update on the status of his daughter Mia, who recently underwent surgery.

Robertson shared the news with fans Tuesday on his Facebook page. Including this latest surgery, Mia had been placed under the knife six times to repair a cleft lip and palate.

"Good report on Mia today," Robertson wrote. "We are done with daily procedures of moving her jaw forward. She continues to be brave."

Robertson then thanked fans for their prayers and support.

"Few more weeks to go and then another surgery to remove her contraption," Robertson wrote.

The patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson, wrote on Facebook back on March 11 that Mia would undergo a surgical procedure "that will involve breaking her jaw."  

"We ask that you please start praying for her now and continue for 6-10 weeks after," Phil wrote. "It's a long recovery with a liquid diet."

Phil added that Mia's mother, Missy Robertson, is selling necklaces to benefit the nonprofit organization Mia Moo fund. The patriarch stated that the foundation's purpose was to help "pay for cleft palate related surgeries for children in need."

"We ask that you wear it for her now and until after the surgery," Phil wrote.

Missy has elaborated on the challenges her daughter would face after the surgical procedure was complete.

"There are times when it is very stressful," Missy said. "There [are] different stages that the child has to go through."

Mia Robertson and Duck Commander Family
Mia Robertson in the surgery room.(Twitter/Missy Robertson)

In an interview conducted by Closer back in March 2014, Jase elaborated on a previous surgery his daughter had to repair her facial cleft.

"The hardest part was handing her off to the surgeons, knowing she was about to go through a lot of pain and suffering, even though I knew it was for the best," Jase said.

Jase added that his daughter knew that "her condition is a marathon, not a quick fix."

"She is always thoughtful of others who are going through difficult times," Jase said. "She actually prays each night for someone who is going through a tough situation."

Missy quipped that the entire Robertson family's faith in God, along with Mia's positive attitude, will get them through this difficult time.

"I have a few days where I'm kind of down about it," Missy said. "But then because of our faith, because of the support of our family, and because of Mia's optimistic attitude and resolve, we just kind of get through the first few days and it becomes a new normal."

Missy Robertson and daughter Mia

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