'A.D. The Bible Continues' Preview [NBC TV Schedule]: Sunday Episode Focus on St. Peter, Growth of the Early Church

( [email protected] ) Apr 24, 2015 06:33 PM EDT
(Photo : Facebook/ A.D.: The Bible Continues)

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett's hugely successful "A.D. - The Bible Continues" will return to NBC this Sunday with its fourth installment focusing on the Apostle Peter and the growth of the early church.

The series, which drew an impressive 9.5 million viewers on its Easter Sunday premiere, will this week center around the Biblical passage Matthew 16:18, in which Jesus describes Peter as the rock on which He will build his church. The episode will also provide an in-depth look at the growth of the early church after Peter and John emerge from captivity and gather followers.

In the first of two sneak peeks at the upcoming episode, Peter, the former-fisherman-turned-apostle, is questioning his calling. However, Jesus' mother, Mary, reinforces her son's faith in Peter, and encourages the disciple to go forth and spread the Gospel.

"My son chose you for a reason, he knew your faith was strong enough to bear the responsibilities to help you to become the man our people need you to be," she says during the clip.

A second preview to "A.D." features Peter rallying a group of Jesus' new followers following his release from prison.

"We have found each other in faith," he explains to the group. "And now we must honor that, we must provide for each other as we draw strength from each other. The man beside you stands because you are there to hold him up. We are united when each of us gives what we have and takes only what we need, the Kingdom of God is coming, and we will be fit to enter."

Sunday's episode will also reveal the tragic Ananias and Sapphira scene, famously described in Acts 5.

"A.D. The Bible Continues," which has received stellar ratings from both secular and faith-based groups, picks up where the smash hit miniseries "The Bible" left off. In addition to featuring Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, the series has, and will continue to explore the inspiring events subsequently revealed in the book of Acts.

"A.D. - The Bible Continues" episode 4 will air on NBC this Sunday, April 26 at 9 p.m. ET. The encore of last week's Episode 3 will air directly before the new installment. Also, NBC's digital talk show, "Beyond A.D.," will be available for streaming on Sunday. The Jason Kennedy-hosted show will see Christine Caine, Judah Smith and Lincoln Brewster.