Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin, Nick Young Ponder Their Futures

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Jeremy Lin and Nick Young Trade Rumors Lakers
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The Los Angeles Lakers failed to make the cut in this year's NBA playoffs, so speculation has turned to who will join the team next season, in particular Jeremy Lin and Nick Young.

According to Scott Asai of Fansided, Lin's performance during his time at the Lakers this season has been "inconsistent and disappointing." He looked at the impact Lin had in various categories.

"Lin thrives in the pick and roll sets, especially with favorite target Ed Davis," Asai wrote. "He's more of a combo guard than a true point guard who likes penetrating and dishing to the open man on drives to the basket. Lin can be a streaky shooter that is more comfortable shooting off the dribble than coming off screens."

However, Asai pointed out that Lin had a "glaring weakness" whenever crunch time and the fourth quarter in the game arrived, making him a "one-trick pony." He then looked at how Lin played defense.

"Lin has the foot speed to keep up with quick guards on the perimeter, but he tends to get screened out fairly easily and gets pushed around a lot," Asai said. "He has a knack for taking charges, which is an asset, but there were also times where he got injured doing so. Opposing point guards would attack Lin's defense without much resistance."

However, when it came to getting along with teammates, Asai gave Lin high marks.

"Jeremy Lin is a likable guy, especially off the court," Asai wrote. "He gets along with teammates and since he doesn't have a huge ego, he blends into the team well."

Asai added that Lin was a "positive contributor" to the "team chemistry overall." He then turned his focus on the Harvard graduate's mental strength.

"Lin plays off of emotion, which usually dictates his performance," Asai wrote. "On the court, although normally mild-mannered, the referees seem to have it in for him. It could be his complaining demeanor or his desire to draw charges from opponents. Whatever it is, refs tend to pick on him and rarely does he get favorable calls."

Overall, Asai graded Lin's performance with a "C-," arguing that he was "a below average NBA player."

"In the right system, Lin can score and distribute the ball, but for an athlete in the prime of his career, at this point you are who you are," Asai wrote. "Lakers fans wish Lin good luck in the future, but barring a major miracle, there's doubt he'll be back in L.A."

According to Mark Medina of Los Angeles Daily News, both Lin and Young reflected on the disappointing Lakers season. Lin elaborated on his future in Los Angeles, noting that would be "definitely an option for me to consider."

"I want to find a good place and hopefully the best place I can fit in at," Lin said. "I want to be able to find a good fit for me."

Young told Medina that he felt "confident" about his future with the Lakers, despite the fact some within the organization have floated his name for trading.

"I've been prepared for everything," Young said. "I just roll with the punches and keep doing what got me here."

According to Medina, both Lin and Young had their clashes with Lakers coach Byron Scott. However, Young indicated that he took Scott's criticism with "a grain of salt," noting that some of the feedback was "a little unfair."

"He wants me to get better," Young said of Scott. "If he [isn't] talking about you, he [doesn't] care about you."

Young added that he and Scott were "on the same page." In terms of Scott's criticism, Lin concurred with Young.

"His respect for me and my respect for him has grown steadily throughout the course of the season," Lin said.

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