Microsoft Lumia 940, 840 Release Date: Microsoft to Expedite Launch After Discontinuing Sale of Lumia 830

( [email protected] ) Apr 29, 2015 02:16 AM EDT
Technology giant Microsoft has quietly discontinued the Lumina 830, fueling speculation that both the Lumina 840 and 940 could be launched sooner than expected.
Microsoft's Lumia 940 is expected to be a vast improvement over the 930, which has already done well in sales. Photo: Microsoft

Technology giant Microsoft has quietly discontinued the Lumia 830, fueling speculation that both the Lumia 840 and 940 could be launched sooner than expected.

According to Kamal of Nokia Power User, Microsoft has discontinued selling the Lumia 830 in India with little fanfare. The company has indicated that the stock would not be replenished once supply is exhausted in stores.

"Our sources tell us that Microsoft has hastened the arrival of Lumia 830 successor and it will come sooner than expected (in coming months) running GDR2 out of the box and unlike the flagship Lumia 940, that is set to arrive with Windows 10 for Phones," Kamal wrote. "Lumia 840 will take care of the criticism that Microsoft faced with Lumia 830 in terms of lack of capable processor, better FFC etc."

Kamal added that a prototype of the Lumia 840 may be in the works, although details could change when Microsoft officially confirms the device.

"We have some info about one such mid-ranger in works, that may pack Dual-Sim support, 13-14 MP rear camera (PureView), 5 MP FFC, better processor and may sport similar or slightly modified design to Lumia 830," Kamal wrote. "While it is not sure what the name may be, we may call it Lumia 840 for our convenience. This device may have a screen size around 5-inch."

According to Alan F. of Phone Arena, Kamal may have received information from an anonymous Microsoft employee. However, no date has been set for an official release date.

"The Lumia 840 is expected to come with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 pre-installed," Alan wrote. "That might seem a wee bit surprising in light of the reports that Windows 10 for Phones is expected to come out of the box on the Microsoft Lumia 940."

However, Charlotte Banks of Geek Snack reported that the Lumia 840 release date could either happen in May or the first half of June 2015. Even though the Lumia 840 won't be considered the "flagship smartphone" like the Lumina 940, she thought Microsoft had a business strategy behind releasing it first before rolling out Windows 10.

"If Microsoft does decide to launch the Microsoft Lumia 840 earlier than Windows 10 as a more budget-oriented smartphone, the chance of people upgrading to Windows 10 for Phones and enjoying the new software are increased," Banks wrote. "If Microsoft launches the Microsoft Lumia 840 first as a more affordable alternative, there will be more people flocking towards that ahead of the Windows 10 launch because the phone will be cheaper and will be upgradable to Windows 10 for Phones."

Banks then speculated on the specs behind the Lumia 840.

"Rumors say that the display for the Lumia 840 will be around 5 inches and will feature higher resolution than its predecessor, most likely 1080p," Banks wrote. "The processor will be bumped up to at least the Snapdragon 801, but sources tell us that Microsoft is eyeing the Snapdragon 805 for this new Windows 10 smartphone. The processor will be backed up by 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage, with a microSD card slot available for extra storage."

Banks looked at the possible camera specs for Lumia 840, adding the disclaimer that Microsoft could change the details anytime.

"The Microsoft Lumia 840 will most likely be one of the best mid-range bordering high-end camera smartphones," Banks wrote. "Rumors say it will include either a 13 or 14 MP PureView camera, complete with optical image stabilization and even optical zoom, although that latter feature seems to be a bit controversial as it will most likely impact design a little bit. The front facing camera is expected to measure at least 2 MP, but rumors are that it will be bumped up to 5 MP to cope with the selfie-craze of the year."

Based on the possible specs, Banks indicated that the Lumia 840 could "become a best-seller among Windows fans."

As for the release of Microsoft Lumia 940, a previous report from Gospel Herald indicated that two versions of that smartphone could be released around the time Windows 10 rolls out. All of Microsoft's latest smartphones are expected to use the new Modern Live Tile interface.

However, a report from GSM Arena speculated that the Lumia 940 could be announced as early as April 29 at the BUILD conference.

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